Primary 2/3


Mrs Stephanie Dickinson

P2/3 have been in the pool this term. We have been working on floating and propulsion.

We have been learning about space. We thought about some questions and researched the answers.

We have been exploring space rocks in our space lab using microscopes. We have used goggles to protect our eyes from dust.


We read the ‘Aliens Love Underpants’ story and reviewed the story. We really enjoyed pretending to be aliens during drama.


P2/3 created Autumn Trees with Mrs Martin in Art.

P2-3 Newsletter Block 2

P2-3 Homework 11th January

P2-3 Homework 25 1 15

P2-3 Homework 8-2-16

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We have been learning about first aid. We now know what to do in an emergency if someone is hurt. We have been practising first in class. We have also made posters to share our learning.

P2-3 Homework 25th April

P2-3 Newsletter Block 3

P2-3 Loose Parts Play Invitation

P2-3 Homework 9th May