World Book Day

World Book Day

Don’t forget today is World Book Day! Although we can’t celebrate in school, whatever the weather there are still lots of different ways to celebrate all things booky!

There are BRAND NEW Biggest Book Show on Earth shows that you can watch online, to activities and downloads, there’s so much to do!

Follow the link below for ideas-

World Book Day ideas

You could also take a photo of yourself in an ‘extreme’ reading situation- reading in an unusual place, or position you wouldn’t normally read in!

You could still get dressed up as your favourite book character- make sure you take a photo so you can share it when you come back to school!

We hope you are having fun during these #snow days. Here are a few ideas to help you to keep busy:

  • read a book/comic
  • bake a cake with an adult
  • write a story
  • make a model
  • draw a picture
  • create a game
  • make a photo collage
  • interview someone who has been out in the snow

We’d love to see/hear what you’ve done during these snow days, so don’t forget to take a photo or keep what you’ve done so you can share it once school returns!

Stay safe everyone!