FAB Winter Events This Week!

FAB Winter Raffle and Winter Cafe

Two exciting events coming up this week!

Our winter raffle is now live on bit.ly/FABRaffle

Enter Raffle to Win BPS FAB Winter Raffle hosted by Broughton ParentsBroughton Primary School Parent Council/Friends at Broughton Winter Raffle. All funds raised will be put towards playground improvements, growing and cooking project and to allow all pupils to attend whole class outings with their friends, regardless of their ability to pay. Thank you!! This raffle will end on18 December 2022 at 11:45pm (or last ticket sold). Winners will be drawn and contacted via email on 19 December 2022. All prizes to be picked up at Broughton Primary School, Broughton Road, Edinburgh, unless stated otherwise.bit.ly

.  At £2 per ticket, you have a chance of winning one of the amazing prizes.  Entry closes 18th December and winners will be drawn automatically and contacted via email from 19th December onwards.

See below to see a poster about the raffle-

BPC Winter 2022 Raffle

Preparation for Winter Cafe is underway.  It is on this Friday 2 December, 11:30-13:30 at the Gym Hall.  Looking forward to seeing all the amazing home baking again.  Donations of food, crafty items, festive jumpers etc are welcome or bring along to the cafe.  See you then!

Children In Need

For Children in Need, our Pupil Equalities Group organised a Dress Down Day where children were invited to come to school wearing clothes that reflected their culture, as well as wearing spots or yellow like Pudsey.

Many children came in national dress today- countries represented included










Here are a few photos for you to enjoy!

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Well done everyone!

This Week’s Awards and Achievements

Star Awards

P1a- Whole class!

P1b- Mark Pashaev

P1/2- Robin Cohen and Callie Brattley

P2- Adam Wawock

P3a- Nefeli Alysandratou

P3b- Rosie Nicholson

P4a- Peter Rogaczyk

P4b- Reyaan

P5- Ian Rahman

P5/6- Josh Hay

P6- Piotrek Fraczek

P7a- Whole class!

P7b- Laasya Kampa

Big Book of Achievement

Atticus Crozier and Yevhen Semeniuk (P3b) won medals for taking part in a football tournament!

Luke Evans (P6) has managed to complete his entire Maths book with Mrs Douglas! He had to answer each question 3 times correctly, and has finished all 163 pages- amazing!

House Points

Drummond- 478 points

Pilrig- 463 points

McDonald- 460 points

Trinity- 418 points

Well done Drummond!

Well done to everyone for all their achievements! Have a lovely weekend!

This Week’s Awards and Achievements

Star Awards

P3a- Innis Binnie

P3b- Marlow Welsh

P4a- Tejdheep Billa

P4b- Abbie Makunganya

P5- Vlada Semeniuk

P5/6- Nathan Myles

P6- Georgie Francis

P7a- Azamat Kudusov

Big Book of Achievement

Ria Collins (P5) entered a drawing competition and one of her paintings got selected to be used in a book by an author called Scott Fleming.  The book is called “Scotland Through the Eyes of A Child” and all profits from the book goes to charity!

Indah Collins (P2) and her dance group entered a dance competition during half term and they got a first and second prizes in two different categories!

Alfie Reid, Cole Weatherly. Jude Jeremiah- Shelley, Craig McMullan and Flynn Powers (all from P7a) took part in a Gaelic Football tournament in Dublin, and won every match they played!

House Points

Trinity- 364 points

McDonald- 357 points

Drummond- 356 points

Pilrig- 315 points

Well done Trinity!

Well done to everyone for all their achievements! Have a lovely weekend!

Playground Tidy Up and Treasure Hunt

A big thanks to the children (and grown up helpers) who transformed the playground during our big tidy up on Sunday 6th November. Small cups of chocolate coins led children to piles of leaves to gather and raised beds to weed. 

The leaves were deposited on a compost heap renamed “Bug City”. The beds and the apple tree plots were weeded and now look great.

At the end of the day everyone enjoyed a hot chocolate in the gym before the children set off on a treasure hunt. They followed clues hidden around the playground to find a pirate sword and treasure chest full of chocolate coins hidden under the biggest tree.

Well done to the following participants who have all earned points for their house:

Alexander P1/2

Adam W. P2, 

Robert W. P6, 

Robin H. P2a, 

Joshua W. P7a, 

Marko M. P5/6 all from Drummond,

 Alexia P5 and Blair P P3b, both from McDonald,

Valentina P2a and Cary H. P1/2, both from Pilrig.

and Malika P1a Trinity

Well done everyone, your hard work has transformed our playground!

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This Week’s Awards and Achievements!

Star Awards

P1a- Fletcher and the whole class

P1b- Hamson and Fatiha

P1/2- Eva, David and Holly

P2- Julia and all of P2

P3a- Tommy

P3b- Sophie

P4a- Carly

P4b- Ellis

P5- Kayden Wilson

P5/6- Fatima

P6- William Tennant

P7a- Maja

P7b- Alfie

Big Book of Achievement

Sofia, Darcey, Jagna and Eva from P7 created a manifesto and a campaign video together for their ‘Scottish Education Political Party’ and won the P7 Election, as part of the P7 Parliament topic! Well done!

Thomas from P1b earned a certificate as he has passed Level 4 in his swimming class, and he can swim 10m by himself without help, or a float! Well done Thomas!

House Points

Drummond– 643 points

McDonald– 600 points

Trinity– 570 points

Pilrig– 556 points

Well done Drummond!

Well done to everyone for all their achievements! Have a lovely weekend!

Children in Need

Broughton will once again be taking part in the BBC Children in Need event this year, on Friday 18th November. We will once again be holding a dress down day, and our Pupil Equalities Group has decided upon the theme. If you would like to take part, please come to school on Friday 18th November dressed in either a national outfit, or clothes that reflect your culture, OR wear something yellow or spotty like Pudsey.

All donations can be made through ParentPay by following this link-


Thank you!

Halloween Disco Fun!

Our Friends at Broughton Parents group organised a fantastic Halloween disco on Friday night! There were two discos, and both were really busy! It was lovely to be able to hold a fun social event again after so long.

Thanks go to everyone who helped to organised this event, and to everyone who bought tickets and attended. There were some fabulous frightening fancy dress outfits on display too, as our photo gallery shows below….

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