This Week’s Awards and Achievements

Star Awards

P1a- Valentina Ortega Jureckova, Dougal Jumar, Rebecca Turpie and Assata Hamici Ajari

P1b- Sajith Manikandan and Haris Afzaal

P2a- Heidi Scott

P2b- Yevhen Tarasovych Semeniuk

P3a- Ranya Yasin and Cihangir Ates

P4a- Marko Masic

P4b- Finn Messer

P5a- Piotrek Fraczek

P5b- Natan Mikoda

P6a- Jagna Przychodzka

P6b- Sana Bharadwaj

P7a-Danny Coleman

P7b- Mariyah Ali

Big Book of Achievement

Nur Aslam (P7a), Mariyah Ali and Armaan Uddin (P7b) , the P7 members of our school Equalities Group, represented the school at a Young Person’s Equalities event held online last week. They were one of only 5 schools across the whole city who presented to the event, sharing an example of good Equalities practice. They talked about our ‘Amazing Languages We Speak!’ map at the school entrance. They represented the school so well, so big thanks for your efforts!

Viksha Manjunathaswamy (P3a) took part in a show as part of her ballet class, and received a certificate of participation! Well done Viksha!

Poppy Hatton (P4b) entered a competition around the time of the Queen’s Jubilee to design a decoration for a crown. She won a John Lewis gift voucher- well done Poppy!

Here are the House Points for this week-

House Points

McDonald- 776 points

Pilrig- 608 points

Drummond- 556 points

Trinity- 552 points

Well done to McDonald!

Congratulations to everyone on their achievements this week! Have a lovely weekend!

Summer Fair 2022…continued!

Please see the post below from Rachel Blythe, chair of the Parent Council-

BPS SUMMER FAIR: Many thanks to everyone who helped make the Summer Fair happen.  Helping roles included: carrying tables, carrying stock; set up; serving on stalls; the barbecue; face painting; henna body art; organisation beforehand; making bakery; donating many things.

Thanks particularly to: (parents and friends) Robert Pollock, Naomi Sandilands, Veronika Jureckova, Anne Hay, Stuart Hay, Pauline Oh, Shona Campbell, Nicolette Oosthuizen, Dina Subasciaki, Rohena Rabbi, Naureen Akhter, Bence Solymar, Kath Henderson- Lewis, John McCallum, Catherine Evans, Kirstie Bogle, Anne Pollock, Sarah Drummond, Matthew Wilkin, Barbara Johnson, David Rawson, Deborah Elliot, and Karen Macpherson. 

Thanks particularly to the Staff of the School, who helped with set up, served on stalls, tidied up and helped greatly with organisation beforehand: Mrs Gowans; Mrs Rushforth; Mr Borthwick; Ms Bradley; Ms L Clark; Mrs Blair; Miss MacPherson; Mr Davies; Mrs V Clark; Mr Rogerson, Miss Wilson, Mrs McLear, Mrs Williamson and Miss McCrimmon.  Thanks to the School Office staff and Janitors!

Thanks particularly to the teenagers volunteering from Drummond Community High School (DCHS): Gala, Maya, Charlie, Jordyn, Evie, Kian, Madi, Heather, Layla; Carly.  Many thanks to Leah Rankin, (1 of 3 Pupil Support Leaders at Drummond), who did a splendid job of publicising the volunteering opportunity / passing on names.  Thanks also to Anne Hay, who started the process of asking DCHS for volunteers for this Summer Fair. 

Thanks particularly to the children from BPS, who helped with set up, served on stalls, tidied up.  An amazing 94 BPS children signed up for volunteering roles.  Those who made it along did a splendid job.  Many BPS children worked particularly hard at the Summer Fair.  Thanks very much to Mr Borthwick for organising all these pupil volunteers!

Thanks to everyone who helped, whose name we did not collect!  And thanks to everyone who came to the Summer Fair, bought something there, or donated items beforehand.

P.S.-Rachel forgot to thank herself! Well done Rachel for the role you played in planning, organising and running the event!

Summer Fair 2022

Many thanks to everyone who helped to plan, organise and run our first Summer Fair in 3 years on Saturday! We had lovely weather and a very busy playground! It was so nice to be able to meet up and share this event together. Thanks to all the volunteers who helped out, and thanks also to anyone who turned up and bought something! All your efforts are greatly appreciated!

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This Week’s Awards and Achievements

Star Awards

This week’s awards are for setting a good example in the playground.

P1a- Mya Singh, Jerreline Law and Valentina Ortega Jureckova

P1b- Aarya Dasari

P2a- Brandon Singh

P2b- George Mathew

P3a- Viksha Manjunathaswamy

P3b- Asma Bousbaci

P4a- Adeline Lewis, Joseph Hood and Alexia Kiokpasoglou

P4b- Evie Oosthuizen

P5a- Luca Paolozzi

P5b- Malhar Deolekar

P6a- Jude Jeremiah-Shelley

P6b- Finlay Bartholomew

ESB 2- Kelvin Young

Big Book of Achievement

Cihangir Ates (P3a) has been helping out at home, and he was able to make his parents a cup of coffee successfully! Well done!

Here are the House Points for this week-

House Points

Drummond- 691 points

McDonald- 393 points

Pilrig- 326 points

Trinity- 308 points

Well done to Drummond!

Congratulations to everyone on their achievements this week! Have a lovely weekend!

This Week’s Awards and Achievements

Star Awards

P1a- all of the class!

P1b- all of the class!

P2a- Abdur Moral

P2b- Victoria Sznapka

P3a- Liyaa Mohamed Sikkendar Alikhan

P3b- Phong Thanh Dao and Wiktor Wodnicki

P6a- Charlie Singh

P6b- Diego Challapa

P7a- all of the class!

P7b- all of the class!

ESB 2- Numra Rizwan

Big Book of Achievement

Vivienne Donn and Celia Gray (P3b) climbed their first Munro! They climbed Ben Vorlich, and they found it hard work, but they made it to the top! Well done girls!

Indah Collins (P1a) and Ria Collins (P4b) attended a Dragon Boat festival celebration, organised by Art27 Scotland.  Indah learned how to make a paper dragon and presented her craft on stage, and Ria learned how to make a trampoline with a string!

Here are the House Points for this week-

House Points

McDonald- 442 points

Trinity- 319 points

Drummond- 314 points

Pilrig- 290 points

Well done to McDonald! 

Congratulations to everyone on their achievements this week! Have a lovely weekend!

PSA Summer Fair Information

Please see the following information below from our Parent Council-

Dear Parents and Carers,

We attach three posters – the first one is about the Summer Fair, which happens on Saturday 18 June 2022, 11.30 am to 2.30 pm. 

The second one is about a bake off, which is taking place as part of the Summer Fair. 

The third one is about a smaller event happening this Saturday  – a Tidy up Day for the Parent Council cupboard (and also a chance to begin to receive donations of items towards the Summer Fair).  This Tidy Up Day is also fun and happens this Saturday 11 June 2022, 1.00 pm to 4.00 pm.  The posters tell you about how to come along for these events; about how to bring a cake for the bake off; and about how to help with their organisation and running.  We look forward to seeing you on both / either occasions.

Many thanks

Parent Council

Summer Fair 2022

Bake Off Competition

Tidy Up of Parent Council Cupboard

Art Group Gallery Visit

The Art Group visited The Ritchie Collins Gallery today. We got the opportunity to see how Ritchie creates his art work and even got the chance to have a go at creating our own landscape painting. Thank you Ritchie for having us!

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This Week’s Awards and Achievements

Star Awards

P3a- Oscar Ni

P3b- Joseph Campopiano, Abigail Makunganya and the whole class!

P4b- Adam Winterstein

P5a- Meriem Bousbaci

P5b- Cooper Napier

P6a- Vicki Nicholson

P6b- Laasya Kampa

P7a- Ali Ahmad

P7b- Arafat Moral

Big Book of Achievement

Everyone who represented the school at the Edinburgh Marathon Festival is recognised this week in the Big Book!

Fraser Cummings (P5b) spent a long time building an amazing Lego model at home, which he is extremely proud of!

Hazel Gibson and Christine Watson (P7a) spent 4 and a half hours making a duck cake! A cake that is decorated to look like a duck, not a cake made of duck! Well done, future Bake Off contestants maybe?

Congratulations to all the individual winners of the flat races at this week’s Sports Day! Well done to everyone for taking part with such enthusiasm!

Here are the House Points for this week-

House Points

McDonald- 370 points

Trinity- 367 points

Drummond- 362 points

Pilrig- 308 points

Well done to McDonald! Very close this week!

Congratulations to everyone on their achievements this week! Have a lovely long weekend, we’ll see you all next Monday!