Summer Fair 2022…continued!

Please see the post below from Rachel Blythe, chair of the Parent Council-

BPS SUMMER FAIR: Many thanks to everyone who helped make the Summer Fair happen.  Helping roles included: carrying tables, carrying stock; set up; serving on stalls; the barbecue; face painting; henna body art; organisation beforehand; making bakery; donating many things.

Thanks particularly to: (parents and friends) Robert Pollock, Naomi Sandilands, Veronika Jureckova, Anne Hay, Stuart Hay, Pauline Oh, Shona Campbell, Nicolette Oosthuizen, Dina Subasciaki, Rohena Rabbi, Naureen Akhter, Bence Solymar, Kath Henderson- Lewis, John McCallum, Catherine Evans, Kirstie Bogle, Anne Pollock, Sarah Drummond, Matthew Wilkin, Barbara Johnson, David Rawson, Deborah Elliot, and Karen Macpherson. 

Thanks particularly to the Staff of the School, who helped with set up, served on stalls, tidied up and helped greatly with organisation beforehand: Mrs Gowans; Mrs Rushforth; Mr Borthwick; Ms Bradley; Ms L Clark; Mrs Blair; Miss MacPherson; Mr Davies; Mrs V Clark; Mr Rogerson, Miss Wilson, Mrs McLear, Mrs Williamson and Miss McCrimmon.  Thanks to the School Office staff and Janitors!

Thanks particularly to the teenagers volunteering from Drummond Community High School (DCHS): Gala, Maya, Charlie, Jordyn, Evie, Kian, Madi, Heather, Layla; Carly.  Many thanks to Leah Rankin, (1 of 3 Pupil Support Leaders at Drummond), who did a splendid job of publicising the volunteering opportunity / passing on names.  Thanks also to Anne Hay, who started the process of asking DCHS for volunteers for this Summer Fair. 

Thanks particularly to the children from BPS, who helped with set up, served on stalls, tidied up.  An amazing 94 BPS children signed up for volunteering roles.  Those who made it along did a splendid job.  Many BPS children worked particularly hard at the Summer Fair.  Thanks very much to Mr Borthwick for organising all these pupil volunteers!

Thanks to everyone who helped, whose name we did not collect!  And thanks to everyone who came to the Summer Fair, bought something there, or donated items beforehand.

P.S.-Rachel forgot to thank herself! Well done Rachel for the role you played in planning, organising and running the event!