Parent and Carer Drop-in

parent drop in

We held our second parent and carer drop-in of the session this week, and it was lovely to see everyone who came to visit our classes.

We hope you enjoyed your visit! This was the first time we have held a drop-in on a day other than a Friday, after feedback that a different day would be preferred by some of our parents and carers.

The next drop-in will be on Friday 6th March, from 11.25am for P1-P2, and from 11.55am for P3-P7.

Look out for a chance to give your feedback on when we hold these drop-ins, after the March event.

Here are some pictures of this week’s drop-in!

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Building Resilience- Make A Difference

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Yesterday we held our launch assembly for the next unit in our school ‘Building Resilience’ programme, called ‘Make A Difference.’

Through this unit, the children will learn that they can begin to solve some of the problems in the world. By starting with a small idea or with something they care deeply about, children can contribute to making a difference. We know that when we connect to something bigger than ourselves, we feel fulfilled and have a greater sense of purpose.

Please see below for the parent and carer leaflet for this unit, as well as information to support with the Home Task attached to this unit too.

Make a Difference- Parent and Carer Leaflet

Make a Difference- Home Activity

Make a Difference Challenge Ideas

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Parent and Carer Drop-in- Reminder

parent drop in

Just a reminder that we have a Parent and Carer drop-in this Thursday afternoon.

P1-2 classes will be available to visit from 2.15-2.45pm, and P3-7 from 2.45-3.15pm.

We look forward to seeing you then!

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WOW Travel Tracker results

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The results are in for our first full term using the WOW Travel Tracker. As you can see we have done pretty well.  The results below show our placings out of the 24 Edinburgh schools taking part.

Let’s make a big effort to make term 3 even better!
JRSO team

WOW Travel Tracker Jan 2020

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Composite Class Survey

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City of Edinburgh Council are consulting with parents, carers, school staff and pupils around our current guidance for selecting pupils for a composite class.


Composite classes are a normal part of primary school education in Scotland and have become more common.  The maximum class size for a composite class is 25 pupils.  This applies to all composite classes in Scotland, regardless of the age and number of year groups within the class.


In Edinburgh, when planning composite classes, year groups are not normally be split 3 ways, for example, a P2 year group would not be split into P1/2, P2 and P2/3. A split of P1/2 and P2/3 would be acceptable.  


Headteachers are responsible for organising a composite class.  Currently in Edinburgh, the main criterion for selecting pupils for a composite class is age – so the oldest pupils from the younger year group will be grouped with the younger children from the older year group.  In other words, we use date of birth as our main criterion. Head Teachers may also consider the gender balance of the classes and pupils in each stage.


We invite you to participate in our survey – this can be accessed by clicking on the link below or copying and pasting it into your web browser.




The survey will be open until Sunday 26th January 2020.   

Thank you.



Happy New Year!

happy-new-yearHappy New Year to all our Broughton Community! It’s been lovely to welcome everyone back to school today. We hope you all had a restful holiday.

We’re looking forward to a busy term ahead, and will share as much as we can here on our website! Don’t forget to check class pages for home learning and other updates as the term progresses.



Active Schools for Term 2

active schools

Please find attached the Active Schools Booklet for Term 2.

Bookings open tonight at midnight tonight, the 9th of January, and close at the end of Wednesday the 15th, also midnight. Free places are available to pupils on free uniform grants as well as individual cases.

On the back page of the booklet are cluster clubs. These are also available to Broughton PS pupils. Again free places are available for the same reasons as above.

Active Schools Clubs- Broughton PS- Term 2