This Week’s Awards and Achievements

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Star Awards

These were all awarded to pupils for being responsible citizens this week.

ESB 1- Cameron Barnes

P1a- Calvin Archer

P1b- Maya Kaur

P2a- Kornelia Szczurak

P2b- Lamin Joof

P3a- Tobi Ortega Jurecka

P3b- Grachan McGlinchey and Joseph Campopiano

P4a- The whole class!

P4b- Kayden Wilson and Amar Singh

P5a- James Michie

P5b- Nathan Myles and Melisa Savas

P6a- Max Bel, Alfie Reid, Bo Schogler and Jagna Przychodzka

P6b- Eshaan Kazmi

P7a- Zack Steto

P7b- Arafat Moral

ESB 2- Krystian Sawa

Big Book of Achievement

Nathan Drever (P4b) went on a big walk around Arthur’s Seat, and drew a lovely picture of what he could see from the top!

House Points

Here are the House Points for this week-

Pilrig– 539 points

Drummond– 454 points

Trinity– 448 points

McDonald– 379 points

Well done to Pilrig!

Congratulations to everyone on their achievements this week!

Have a lovely weekend everybody.

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This Week’s Awards and Achievements

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Star Awards

These were all awarded to pupils for being confident individuals this week.

ESB 1- Brewster Penman

P1a- Jerreline Law and Calvin Archer

P1b- Charlie McColgan and Sajith Manikandan

P2a- Sahabiyah Salman

P2b- Faris Alsheikh

P3a- Cohen Mochrie

P3b- Avanthika Sundararajan

P4a- Aaron Singh

P4b- Sam Gibson and Poppy Hatton

P5a- Theo Kennedy-Hughes

P5b- Eilidh Sloan

P6a- Charlie Singh

P6b- Rebecca Lynch and Morven Meikle

P7a- Keenan Lewis and Mahreen Chaudry

P7b- Georgiy Cherevatenko

ESB 2- Kelvin Young

Big Book of Achievement

Amy Hernandez Suarez (P5b) attends a club out of school called Magic Acts, where she develops her Maths and Literacy skills. Last week she got really high scores in both Maths and Literacy! Well done!

House Points

Here are the House Points for this week-

Trinity457 points

Drummond445 points

McDonald409 points

Pilrig407 points

Well done to Trinity!

Congratulations to everyone on their achievements this week!

Have a lovely weekend everybody.

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Health and Wellbeing Survey- P5-P7

Over the next few months, your local authority is planning to ask all pupils in P5 to S6 to take part in a survey about their health and wellbeing. The findings will help your local authority to understand the needs, strengths and possible concerns of children and young people, which will help plan future improvements to local services. Please look out for a letter which you should shortly be receiving that will provide you with more detailed information about the Census, and provides you with the opportunity to let us know if you don’t wish your child to take part.

The letter mentioned is attached below in a range of languages. Please look out for a paper copy which will be sent home this week. If you would like a paper copy of any of these translated letters, please contact the school office.

Parent or carer letter- English

Parent or carer letter-Urdu

Parent or carer letter-Polish

Parent or carer letter-Mandarin

Parent or carer letter-Cantonese

Parent or carer letter-Arabic

Parent or carer letter- Romanian

Also attached below are some frequently asked questions about the survey that should answer any queries you may have. Again, translated versions are included.

HWB Census 2021-22 – Parental FAQs- English

HWB Census 2021-22 – Parental FAQs- Arabic

HWB Census 2021-22 – Parental FAQs- Cantonese

HWB Census 2021-22 – Parental FAQs- Mandarin

HWB Census 2021-22 – Parental FAQs- Polish

HWB Census 2021-22 – Parental FAQs- Urdu

HWB Census 2021-22 – Parental FAQs- Romanian

If you have any further questions, please contact the school office.

Thank you.

Incredible Years Parenting Groups

The information below from the City of Edinburgh Council is for parents and carers of children with Nursery, P1 and P2 age.

We are delighted to let you know that there is 4 Incredible Years Groups starting January to March 2022 (please see attached flyer for details).  Incredible Years is specifically for parents and carers with children aged 3-6 years displaying difficult behaviour. Since 2014 there has been over 100 Incredible Years and Triple P courses delivered in Edinburgh and we continue to accept applications from professionals and parents and carers for both of these courses throughout the year using this link

Parenting courses for help with ages 3 to 10 years – The City of Edinburgh CouncilWe offer two parenting courses for parents and carers of children between the ages of 3 and 10 years old. The Incredible Years, for parents and carers of 3 to 5 year olds, takes place over 14 weeks Primary Triple P, for parents and carers of 6 to 10 years olds takes, place over nine weeks Apply for Primary Triple P or The Incredible

.   Over 80% of parents and carers report that their child’s behaviour has improved after taking part in these courses.

See below for the flyer mentioned above-

Incredible Years Flyer 2022

This Week’s Awards and Achievements

Well Done Smile Trophy - SuperStickers

Here are this week’s Star Award winners-

P1a- Noah Carr and Mya Singh

P1b- Rafa Sanz Munoz

P2a- Tomy Nemec

P2b- Ilyes Hamza

P3a- Emre Gear and Diego Sardi

P3b- Samar Kaar, Liam Laidlaw and Vivienne Donn

P4a- Carl Nyoni

P4b- Finn Messer

P5a- Meriem Bousbaci

P5b- Adele Baginska

P6a- The whole class!

P6b- Sophie Kelly

P7a- Ali Ahmad

P7b- Erica Hay

ESB2- Nikolas Dudziak

Big Book of Achievement

Sky Flynn (P7b) has reached the final of a Dance Inspirations competition with her dance team. The final will be held in Blackpool at the end of the month. Well done on qualifying Sky, and good luck for the final!

Congratulations to everyone on their success! Have a lovely weekend everyone!

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