School House System

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Each child in school has been assigned a house team.
The houses are McDonald (Red), Pilrig (Yellow), Trinity (Green) and Drummond (Blue).
Siblings in school have been assigned the same house.
Staff members are also assigned a house.
Each house is represented by a shield and motto. These were decided by way of a design competition open to the school, judged by the Pupil Council.
House shields are displayed in the gym hall, along with weekly total displays.
Each house will have 1 or 2 captains from P7, and 1 or 2 vice-captains from P6. These children will be given special captain and vice-captain badges. Among the remits of the captains will be the chance to organise termly house mornings, and responsibility for weekly collection and counting of house points.
House points will be collected weekly, with the winning house announced at assembly each week.
A trophy will be awarded termly, with an overall winner announced at the end of the school year.
House points can be awarded for-
• Effort and achievement in team/ group tasks, either organised in house teams or otherwise
• Gym class ( Secret Student, for example)
• Sports Day
• Rewards for effort and achievement in general class tasks
• Positive behaviour around the school- e.g. holding doors in corridor, politeness and good manners, with a link to weekly school focus as outlined at weekly assemblies
Each class will have a display to record their house points.
It should be stressed that house points are not removed for negative behaviour. Each class has a separate system for this.