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Welcome to all parents and carers of Broughton Primary School. This page contains information about how you can be involved in your child’s education and learning.

Parent Council and PSA Constitution- Amended September 2018

Parent Council and PSA- Key Contacts

All parents / carers are automatically members of the Parent Forum at their child’s school. As a member of the Parent Forum all parents can expect to –

  • receive information about the school and its activities;
  • hear about what partnership with parents means in our school;
  • be invited to be involved in ways and times that suit you;
  • identify issues you want the Parent Council to work on with the school;
  • be asked your opinion by the Parent Council on issues relating to the school and the education it provides;
  • work in partnership with staff; and
  • enjoy taking part in the life of the school in whatever way possible.

Parent Councils are the formal representative body for parents / carers with children attending school. Parent Councils are different in each school to enable them to meet the needs of parents / carers locally.

The Parent Forum decides how their representatives on the Parent Council are chosen and how the Parent Council operates. Parents / carers are encouraged to volunteer or put themselves forward to be chosen as representatives of the Parent Council if they wish.

The main aims of the Parent Council are:

  • To support the school in its work with pupils
  • To represent the views of parents
  • To promote contact between the school, parents, pupils, providers of nursery education and the community
  • To report to the Parent Forum
  • To be involved in the appointment of senior promoted staff.
  • To raise funds for the school for the benefit of pupils- see our Parent Staff Association information

To receive updates from the Parent Council and PSA, please request to be added to our contact list at or join our Facebook group, Broughton Primary School Parent Forum. This page provides all minutes of meetings, and the school website provides updates on our fundraising events.

For further information about parental involvement, please visit Scotland’s Parental Involvement organisation

Parent Staff Association

Support Broughton Parent Staff Association

The PSA organises social events and raises funds for the school.

Our planning meetings for fundraising events can be seen here-

PSA events

See our flier for this year’s fundraising events-PSA events

Funds raised have gone towards the scooter pods in the top playground, interactive whiteboards, Ipads, playground bins, new playground benches and the annual P7 coach to Lagganlia School Camp.

We have set up a cultural fund which all the school and nursery classes are benefitting from, and provide a total of £2000 towards this, every school year.

The Scottish Parent Teacher Council is the national organisation for PSAs and PAs in Scotland. Parent Councils can join too, and it runs an independent helpline service for all parents.

The National Parent Forum of Scotland has been set up to give Parent Councils and parents an opportunity to discuss and raise educational issues of mutual interest or concerns at a national level.

A link to our Parent Council Facebook page can be found in the ‘Contact Us‘ section

You will find minutes from our meetings below-

Session 2018-2019

Parent Council and PSA Minutes-19th June 2019

Parent Council and PSA Minutes Jan 2019

Parent Council and PSA minutes 21-11-2018

Broughton PSA Meeting – Friday 7th Sept 2018

Parent Council AGM Minutes- Sept 2018

Parent Council and PSA Treasurer’s Report- AGM-Sept 2018

Session 2017-2018

Parent Council Minutes 9-5-18

PSA-Parent Council Treasurer’s Report- May 2018

Parent Council and PSA Minutes-March 2018

Minutes – PCPSA AGM August 2017

Treasurer report Aug17

HT report AGM 2017

Session 2016-2017

PC and PSA minutes May 2017

PC and PSA Minutes – Feb 2017

PSA and Parent Council minutes- January 2017

PSA Minutes 20-1-16

Parent Council Minutes 20-1-16

Parent Council Minutes March 2016

PSA Minutes March 2016

PC and PSA Minutes- May 2016

Below is a copy of our PSA and Parent Council GDPR policy

GDPR policy for Broughton Primary School Parent Council

Below are proposals for how we consider fundraising ideas through ‘Broughton Decides’, procedures for managing Parent Council and PSA finances, and how we make decisions about allocating PSA funds.

Broughton Decides draft proposal

Finance Procedures – proposal

Allocation of PSA Funds