Lagganlia- Part 4!


Our final day of activities here at Lagganlia was another busy one!

We’ve had canoeing, mountain biking, gorge walking and some bushcraft skills today.

We also had a chance to buy some souvenirs in the Lagganlia shop, and rounded off our week with a brilliant disco! Some very tired, but happy campers tonight!

We’re really grateful to the staff and instructors here at Lagganlia, for the wonderful opportunities they have provided our children this week.

We’d like to thank our Broughton staff for giving their time to accompany our group, and being so supportive and encouraging with our pupils- we couldn’t do it without you!

We are also incredibly proud of our enthusiastic, supportive and resilient pupils. They really have made the most of their Lagganlia experience, and made some wonderful memories this week! We’re tired, but looking forward to coming home to share all our news! We should be back at school around 12.30- 12.45pm tomorrow.

Here are some photos of our final day’s activities.

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Lagganlia- Part 3!


It’s been another successful and busy day here at Lagganlia!

It’s been windy, sunny and rainy all in one day today, and we’ve had a range of different activities to enjoy! Here are some of today’s treats-

  • Gorge Walking
  • Tree Climb
  • Skiing
  • Bouldering
  • Low Ropes Course
  • Abseiling

The Gorge Walk proved very popular, as always, and there were several very wet, but very happy groups returning from the gorge at various points today!

Positive reports continue from instructors and staff, and we are still seeing good co-operation, support and encouragement within all our activity groups.

We finished our evening with a Scavenger Hunt, where we worked in our activity groups to collect a range of items, and then create an artistic masterpiece with the items once collected!

It’s our last full day of activities tomorrow, so fingers crossed for good weather to help us enjoy the last outdoor opportunities of the week!

Here are a selection of today’s photos.

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Lagganlia-Part 2!

2B0BB173-1B4F-4CC0-9FF9-21CBA036680BWe are a very proud staff group here at Lagganlia today!

We have had a very successful first day of activities, with all of the instructors singing the praises of our pupils!

We have been particularly impressed with the enthusiasm, effort and resilience shown by our pupils today. They have worked so well together in their teams, supporting each other, co-operating and encouraging each other, and approaching challenges with a positive attitude.

This morning was our first breakfast at Lagganlia, giving us the chance to practice our housekeeping skills in organising ourselves for the day, and tidying up after each other. We also had to practice our tidying skills for our first room inspection this morning. Some fairly good scores for the first day, and now no excuses for an untidy bedroom back at home!

Here are some of the activities that were carried out over the 5 different activity groups today-

  • Bouldering (rock climbing)
  • Mountain Biking
  • Abseiling
  • Snowboarding
  • Skiing
  • Hiking
  • Kayaking
  • Rafting

Our evening was rounded off with a Nightline- groups tackling a ropes course while wearing blackout goggles! A challenge, but successfully completed, thanks to some great communicating, patience and supportive teamwork!

Its been a bit windy here today, but that hasn’t got in the way of having some fantastic oppprtunities. Let’s hope tomorrow allows us the same. We hope to see a continued positive approach from our pupils too, and more praise from all our staff!

Here are a selection of photos from today- once we return, we’ll post a more comprehensive selection, from across all our activity groups.

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Lagganlia- Part One!


We’re here! P7 have made it to Lagganlia Outdoor Centre!

After a pleasant journey up in the coach, we arrived at 12.45.

We had lunch, then met our instructors, who helped us to explore the centre in our activity groups- great fun! We then had the challenge of making our beds, and organising our dorms. It took a bit of team work and helping each other, but we got those beds made eventually!

We had a delicious dinner, then did a Scatter Course in the dark. We had to run around the centre, finding the answers to a set of clues- tiring stuff!

We’re now looking forward to our first full day of activities tomorrow- let’s hope the weather is kind!

Here are some photos of our first day!

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Maths Focus Week

Maths across the curriculum

Last week in school was our Maths Focus Week.

The focus was ‘Maths across the Curriculum.’

Classes were experiencing maths in another area of the curriculum, highlighting how it linked to maths and the mathematical skills that were needed.

We also had assemblies on the theme of ‘Maths in Real Life’, where the children were encouraged to think about how they use Maths in everyday situations, sometimes without even knowing they are using maths skills!

Maths in real life

Some examples of learning across the school are available for you to view below.

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P2b were using measuring and weighing skills to make their own playdough!

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P3a were working co-operatively to play a 3D shape game!

The child with the ‘feely’ bag chose a shape and the other children had to ask questions about its properties (how many faces/sides etc) then say which shape they thought it was. When someone chose the right shape, the child with the bag showed the shaped and the ‘guesser’ became the ‘chooser.’ The children played it together and then played independently.

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P3b used pattern to make lollipops from Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory, from their class novel!

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P4b have been learning about the Water of Leith. As part of maths focus week, they used iPads and laptops to plan a route to walk to the Water of Leith. They looked at their class timetable to decide when to go on the trip and how long the walk could last. In pairs, they then described their journey using the four compass points and left and right turns.

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To mark Maths Week 2018, P5a learned about compass points and how we can use compass points in other areas across the curriculum. During topic work, P5a looked at a blank map of Scotland and plotted various cities, mountains and rivers. When describing their location on the map, pupils used their 8 compass point knowledge and language very well. Here are some photos of us using our Compass Points during the plotting section.

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Both our P7 classes have been learning about displaying data using a suitable scale. In preparation for Lagganlia, they created a radar chart to record how they were feeling about certain activities. They will do another one when we get back and compare the results, having taken part in the activities!

Lovely examples of maths across the curriculum!

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Meet The Teacher

meet the teacher

We held our ‘Meet the Teacher’ event last Friday. Because of the refurbishment work happening in the school, we were unable to hold this as an evening event, so held it as a more informal ‘drop-in’ event instead.

Parents and carers had the chance to visit classrooms and see a presentation that staff had prepared, sharing information about their stage and year ahead.

Each of the stage presentations is available for you to view below. We hope you find them to be informative.

Thanks to all those who attended!

Meet The Teacher 2018- P1

Meet the Teacher 2018- P2

Meet The Teacher 2018- P3

Meet The Teacher 2018- P4

Meet The Teacher 2018- P5

Meet The Teacher 2018- P6

Meet The Teacher 2018- P7


PSA Lunchtime Cafe


Here is a flyer for the first PSA Lunchtime Cafe of the session.


It’s on Friday 28th September, from 11.30am-1pm in our Dining Hall.

We’ll have home baking, soup and rolls, hot dogs and savoury bites among the items on sale.

Our P7‘s will be due home from school camp that lunchtime too, so why not pop in while you’re waiting for the coach to arrive?

Please let the PSA know if you can help, either through the PSA Facebook page or at

We look forward to seeing you then!


Meet The Teacher

meet the teacher

As mentioned in our recent newsletter you are invited to come and meet your child’s teacher on Friday 14th September.

The session will be similar to our parent drop ins, where you will get the opportunity to see learning in action, have an informal chat with your child’s teacher and watch a short presentation on the year to come at your leisure.

The timings for the Meet the Teacher are as follows:

Primary 1 – 2  from 11.20 – 11.55am

Primary 3 – 7 from 11.45am – 12.20pm

You can find a copy of a letter with full details below-

Meet The Teacher Letter

We look forward to seeing you on Friday!



Building Resilience


The next unit of our school ‘Building Resilience’ programme was launched at Assembly last week.

The unit is called ‘Respect Yourself’, and has 3 key messages-

  • There is no one quite like me
  • Everyone has different strengths
  • I treat myself with respect

Attached below is a leaflet about this unit for parents and carers, and resources that can be used for the family task linked to the unit.


Respect Yourself Parent Carer Leaflet

Respect Yourself Family Task

Respect Yourself Family Task – worksheet for back

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