Maths Focus Week

Maths across the curriculum

Last week in school was our Maths Focus Week.

The focus was ‘Maths across the Curriculum.’

Classes were experiencing maths in another area of the curriculum, highlighting how it linked to maths and the mathematical skills that were needed.

We also had assemblies on the theme of ‘Maths in Real Life’, where the children were encouraged to think about how they use Maths in everyday situations, sometimes without even knowing they are using maths skills!

Maths in real life

Some examples of learning across the school are available for you to view below.

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P2b were using measuring and weighing skills to make their own playdough!

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P3a were working co-operatively to play a 3D shape game!

The child with the ‘feely’ bag chose a shape and the other children had to ask questions about its properties (how many faces/sides etc) then say which shape they thought it was. When someone chose the right shape, the child with the bag showed the shaped and the ‘guesser’ became the ‘chooser.’ The children played it together and then played independently.

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P3b used pattern to make lollipops from Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory, from their class novel!

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P4b have been learning about the Water of Leith. As part of maths focus week, they used iPads and laptops to plan a route to walk to the Water of Leith. They looked at their class timetable to decide when to go on the trip and how long the walk could last. In pairs, they then described their journey using the four compass points and left and right turns.

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To mark Maths Week 2018, P5a learned about compass points and how we can use compass points in other areas across the curriculum. During topic work, P5a looked at a blank map of Scotland and plotted various cities, mountains and rivers. When describing their location on the map, pupils used their 8 compass point knowledge and language very well. Here are some photos of us using our Compass Points during the plotting section.

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Both our P7 classes have been learning about displaying data using a suitable scale. In preparation for Lagganlia, they created a radar chart to record how they were feeling about certain activities. They will do another one when we get back and compare the results, having taken part in the activities!

Lovely examples of maths across the curriculum!

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