Halloween Fun!

It’s been lovely to see so many fabulous spooky outfits on display today! Thanks to everyone who made the effort, and if you were able to leave a donation to our Friends at Broughton parent group through ParentPay, we’re very grateful!

As Friends at Broughton suggested, some carved pumpkin photos have been sent in to school, so you can see them below-

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We wish you all a lovely weekend, and if you are having Halloween celebrations we hope you all have a spooky time!

Parent Consultations

You are invited to make appointments for the school’s next parents’ evening, online.

Our parents’ evenings are on Wednesday 4th November from 5pm-8pm, and Friday 6th November from 1pm-4pm. These meetings are for those parents who requested a video call consultation. Arrangements for parents who requested a phone call consultation will be sent home in school bags later this week.

Bookings can only be made from 7pm today, Wednesday 28th October until 12pm on Tuesday 3rd November.

This post contains some instructions to help you book online, and an information letter.
Navigate to the Parents’ Evening Booking System here
Use your personal information to log in. You must use the contact information which the school has on file or you will not be able to log in. If you are having problems, please use the contact information on the login page to contact the school.
Log in by selecting which child you want to make bookings for first. If you have more than one child who requires bookings, you can switch between them once you are logged in.
Once logged in, decide whether you need to make bookings individually, or using our Automated Booking Wizard (best if you have a number of bookings and students to make bookings for).
Once you have selected your preferred booking method and once in the correct parents’ evening, follow the relevant instructions from below:
Automated Booking Wizard
Select the teacher you wish to book. You can press ‘Select All’ to select all options
If you have a second child to make bookings for then select their tab and repeat the teacher selecting process
Proceed to the bottom of the page and specify your personal availability, then press Make My Bookings For Me
If the wizard replies that bookings are not feasible, you have not left enough time and need to reduce the number of teachers or increase the amount of time you’re available.
Now see a list of your booking suggestions. Feel free to add comments to teachers you wish to book, if allowed.
Press Confirm to confirm these appointments as your bookings
Press Print or E-Mail to initiate your confirmation.
Individual Bookings: Scroll down until you see the booking table. Above it are the departments and teachers which are available to you.
Select the department, then teacher, and click on an available time to make a booking. When you selected a time, you’re able to add any issues or comments for the teacher to take note of before the appointment.
Repeat this process, making bookings for all of the teachers you need to.
If you need to cancel or rearrange an appointment, click on the correct department and teacher, then click on the green appointment to change it.
If you need to make bookings for another child, scroll to the top of the page. In the top left corner you should see a ‘Make a Booking for Another Child’ icon. Click this. If there is no icon, the software does not recognise that you have multiple children. This just means that you’ll need to log out and log back in again using the other child’s details.
Once you have made all of your bookings, click on either E-Mail or Print my Appointments. Appointments are saved when they are made, so you don’t have to e-mail or print to ‘save’ them, but doing so will provide a confirmation with further information, possibly including rooms and instructions from the school.
Here is a link to the information letter-

Here is a link to information relating to video calls. There is a link to a support video within this document.

Here are links to video clips that may help you to make appointments-

Video 1- How do I log in?

Video 2- How do I make an appointment?

Video 3- How do I cancel or re-arrange an appointment?

Video 4- How do I make appointments for another of my children?

Video 5- How do I email or print my appointments?

If you have any problems booking appointments, please contact the school.

Bowling Green Tidying Continues!

We are incredibly grateful to some of our parents and pupils who have been tidying up and weeding again over at the Bowling Green space, on Saturday 10 October. 

Rachel Blythe from our Parent Council and Friends at Broughton group wanted to share the excellent efforts with us- her report is below…

Powderhall, Saturday 10 October 2020 – I would like to thank: Karolina Galera, Maciek Galera, Jennifer Longstaff, Lukas Szkwarek, as well as Sophie, P6a and Simon P4a for the splendid work today at Powderhall.  Many more planters are weeded and tidied up; holes are being filled in; and much more general weeding and tidying up was completed.  Lukas’s company https://www.auraofeden.co.uk/ very kindly donated soil for the planters and gravel for the holes.  We were also helped by a kind family from Leith, who are friends and neighbours of Lukas.

On Sunday, 11 October 2020, Pauline Oh and her family planted thyme and spring onions in the planter, which is closest to the gate.  She is also planning to make some labels for what is planted.

Thanks to Rachel for passing this on, and to all our lovely helpers for their efforts in improving our green space. 10 house points each to Sophie and Simon! Well done everyone! Here are some photos of our green fingered team…

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Meet The Teacher

In the absence of our usual Meet the Teacher evenings in school, each stage have prepared a presentation. These will cover plans for the upcoming session and other relevant details for your information.

You can find these presentations by clicking here and choosing the class(es) you need to view.

We hope you enjoy viewing them!