Broughton News

We are delighted to share with you Episode 1 of P7’s Broughton Primary News. P7a have been working very hard to produce this, and we hope this will become a weekly event, to keep you all up to date with all our current affairs. Well done to P7, there are some future broadcasters in evidence here!

In other news, we are again very grateful for help clearing and tidying our Bowling Green space at the weekend. This time, Broughton After School Club staff helped out, as well Maya from P7a, Leo and Amelia from P2a, Fraser from P5a, Finlay Bartholomew from P5b with big sister Holly, and Ria from P3a, all of whom definitely need 10 house points each for their efforts! Thank you for your help!


WOW Launch- 2020-2021

Three of our pupils, Uvee P6, Danny P4 and Sam P3, were photographed today for the launch of WOW.  WOW is a pupil-led initiative where children self-report how they get to school every day using the interactive WOW Travel Tracker. If they travel sustainably (walk, cycle or scoot) once a week for a month, they get rewarded with a badge. It’s that easy! Further information can be found using the link below