This Week’s Awards and Achievements

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Star Awards

These were all awarded to pupils for being responsible citizens this week.

ESB 1- Cameron Barnes

P1a- Calvin Archer

P1b- Maya Kaur

P2a- Kornelia Szczurak

P2b- Lamin Joof

P3a- Tobi Ortega Jurecka

P3b- Grachan McGlinchey and Joseph Campopiano

P4a- The whole class!

P4b- Kayden Wilson and Amar Singh

P5a- James Michie

P5b- Nathan Myles and Melisa Savas

P6a- Max Bel, Alfie Reid, Bo Schogler and Jagna Przychodzka

P6b- Eshaan Kazmi

P7a- Zack Steto

P7b- Arafat Moral

ESB 2- Krystian Sawa

Big Book of Achievement

Nathan Drever (P4b) went on a big walk around Arthur’s Seat, and drew a lovely picture of what he could see from the top!

House Points

Here are the House Points for this week-

Pilrig– 539 points

Drummond– 454 points

Trinity– 448 points

McDonald– 379 points

Well done to Pilrig!

Congratulations to everyone on their achievements this week!

Have a lovely weekend everybody.

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