This Week’s Awards and Achievements

Star Awards

P1a- Valentina Ortega Jureckova, Dougal Jumar, Rebecca Turpie and Assata Hamici Ajari

P1b- Sajith Manikandan and Haris Afzaal

P2a- Heidi Scott

P2b- Yevhen Tarasovych Semeniuk

P3a- Ranya Yasin and Cihangir Ates

P4a- Marko Masic

P4b- Finn Messer

P5a- Piotrek Fraczek

P5b- Natan Mikoda

P6a- Jagna Przychodzka

P6b- Sana Bharadwaj

P7a-Danny Coleman

P7b- Mariyah Ali

Big Book of Achievement

Nur Aslam (P7a), Mariyah Ali and Armaan Uddin (P7b) , the P7 members of our school Equalities Group, represented the school at a Young Person’s Equalities event held online last week. They were one of only 5 schools across the whole city who presented to the event, sharing an example of good Equalities practice. They talked about our ‘Amazing Languages We Speak!’ map at the school entrance. They represented the school so well, so big thanks for your efforts!

Viksha Manjunathaswamy (P3a) took part in a show as part of her ballet class, and received a certificate of participation! Well done Viksha!

Poppy Hatton (P4b) entered a competition around the time of the Queen’s Jubilee to design a decoration for a crown. She won a John Lewis gift voucher- well done Poppy!

Here are the House Points for this week-

House Points

McDonald- 776 points

Pilrig- 608 points

Drummond- 556 points

Trinity- 552 points

Well done to McDonald!

Congratulations to everyone on their achievements this week! Have a lovely weekend!