Playground Tidy Up and Treasure Hunt

A big thanks to the children (and grown up helpers) who transformed the playground during our big tidy up on Sunday 6th November. Small cups of chocolate coins led children to piles of leaves to gather and raised beds to weed. 

The leaves were deposited on a compost heap renamed “Bug City”. The beds and the apple tree plots were weeded and now look great.

At the end of the day everyone enjoyed a hot chocolate in the gym before the children set off on a treasure hunt. They followed clues hidden around the playground to find a pirate sword and treasure chest full of chocolate coins hidden under the biggest tree.

Well done to the following participants who have all earned points for their house:

Alexander P1/2

Adam W. P2, 

Robert W. P6, 

Robin H. P2a, 

Joshua W. P7a, 

Marko M. P5/6 all from Drummond,

 Alexia P5 and Blair P P3b, both from McDonald,

Valentina P2a and Cary H. P1/2, both from Pilrig.

and Malika P1a Trinity

Well done everyone, your hard work has transformed our playground!

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