Children in Need- Edinburgh Schools Choir



If you watch Children in Need this Friday, you may spot some familiar faces on the telly- because 10 pupils from Broughton Primary will be singing, live, as members of the Children in Need Edinburgh Schools Choir!

Around half a dozen schools have sent pupils to be in the choir, and our 10 are all members of our school Glee Club, run by Miss McCrimmon. They are, from P6 and P7-

Isaac, Evie, Merla, Lila, Tilda, Maira, Paloma, Grace, Gabi and Isla.

They have been practising so hard for this, spending the past 2 weekends over at Clovenstone Primary School rehearsing with all the pupils from the other schools. Pudsey himself even turned up yesterday to help out!




On Friday, our 10 pupils and Miss McCrimmon will join the rest of the city choir to head through to Glasgow to be filmed singing one of their songs, and then to be part of a UK wide live song, with choirs from all over the UK singing together from their respective locations.

They sound fantastic, and we are incredibly proud of them. If you want to watch the UK wide live performance, here are times and channels to catch it-

Friday 15th: BBC One (UK wide) Choir Singalong: Between 8pm and 9pm
Friday 15th: BBC Scotland Channel: 10pm
Sunday 17th BBC Scotland Channel: 4.05pm

We can’t wait to see this special performance. Good luck to all!



Parent Drop-In

parent drop in

We held the first parent/carer drop-in of this session on Friday. In a change from our usual time slot, we held it from 8.50-9.30, to allow our visitors to see the start of a school day for a change.

The school was lively and busy, and the drop-in was well attended.

We look forward to welcoming you all back at our next drop-in on Thursday 30th January.

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FAB Halloween Discos

Halloween pic

Last Friday the Friends At Broughton group (FAB) held their Halloween Discos in our Gym Hall.

The 3 events were well attended, and there were some fantastic costumes on show! Such great imagination and clever ideas!

There were also lots of treats to eat and drink, and the tuck shop was kept busy all evening!

Before expenses, the total made by the discos was around £1100! Thanks to everyone who organised the discos, helped on the night or attended. You all played your part towards helping provide FAB with funds to support the school!

Here are some photos from the event-

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Travelling To School


Last Friday we held an assembly where we were thinking about how we travel to school.

Don, our visitor, was encouraging us to try and walk, use a scooter or cycle to school as often as possible. He explained the obvious health benefits, as well as the benefits to the environment. Even if you live far away and have to travel to school by car, getting out of the car a short distance away from school and walking the rest of the way is a start!

We’ll soon be introducing a way to record how we come to school each day when we register. Using fun avatars we can record whether we walked, cycled, used a scooter, etc. and the data will be recorded.
Other schools across the city will be taking part in this initiative, so it will be interesting to see the results!


Lining Up

Image result for clipart line up school

Now that we have our playground space back, we are changing where we line up ready to come in to school.

Below is a diagram of where each class will now line up. We are glad we can use both sides of the bottom playground now, and both basement doors.

The classes all had a couple of practices in lining up at their new spots today, so hopefully they’ll remember tomorrow. The diagram should help jog their memories!


We look forward to greeting our classes in their new spots tomorrow!



Broughton Decides- Round 3

Image result for you decideHere is the latest news from Friends at Broughton regarding Broughton Decides.

Thank you everyone who voted for Broughton Decides.

The 62 votes in Round 3 gave the following results-


As the winning decision was for something that requires major work with the council we will have to enter into discussions with them about installation costs, maintenance upkeep and other Health and Safety necessities before we can go ahead.

This was a very useful first process of Broughton Decides, from gathering 41 ideas and getting a range of votes narrowed down to the final winner.