Broughton Buddies

Broughton Buddies

We have worked collaboratively in groups to solve problems. We have taken on different roles and responsibilities each time and have worked with lots of different people.

We have been learning with Bun and Twig our Puppets about sharing, learning and playing together.

We have spent time with our friends, looking after each other and enjoying each other’s company. We like to spend a lot of time in our lounge area relaxing. We also like to do some simple meditations, listen to music and colour.

We have done some writing and drawing activities on our own and in groups. We have also read some stories together and done activities linked to the stories we read.

We have enjoyed spending time playing with different things. We all enjoy play dough and sensory time. We also like to play board games, play in the water tray and in the role play corner.

Our favourite part of the session is snack time. During snack time we come together to prepare and enjoy a small healthy snack together.