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ESB Term 3 Newsletter 2023

The ESB1 have had a very busy term. We have enjoyed climbing on the frame for gymnastics in the gym hall, jumping from the bars and swinging on the ropes.

We have been learning about the sun, moon and stars and have enjoyed some sensory art to create them. We have also had some visits from Fitch the dog and his owner Janet. Some of us are quite frightened of dogs and have been very, very brave.

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The ESB1 have hit the ground running and been very busy in the new school year. We have welcomed Riley to our class and have been spending some time each week in the gym hall, playing new games and using some of the gym equipment.

Our topic this term is “Life in the past” and we have enjoyed making some foods that people ate in Victorian times. Malik was the only one that liked the porridge, but we all enjoyed the bread!

We have been using two new apps on the Ipads called SUMDOG and EPIC. Take a look at some of the learning we have been doing.

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The ESB had a great day on our end of term trip to Almond Valley. We all enjoyed the coach trip and had an amazing time exploring the farm. We got to visit the animals, play in the parks, jump on the trampolines, dig in the sand and went on a train ride at the farm too. 
Please have a look at some photos from the day 🙂

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The ESB1 have been very busy so far this term. We have started brushing our teeth in class and have all been doing a great job at keeping our teeth shiny and clean! We have been learning about data handling this term and have been sorting items into groups. Some of us have started to practise tally marks too! Have a look at our photos of some of our work and the great play we have been having too.

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ESB 1 have been enjoying play based learning this term. We have had fun dressing up as people who help us, playing with playdough and exploring lots of new toys and resources in our class. We have been developing our life skills by learning how to make sandwiches and have also had a great time at the park and in the local community!

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Enhanced Support Base Newsletter- Term 3

Please see below ESB1’s plans for RSHP this session-

RSHP ESB1 2022


We had fun being creative as part of ‘Bring a stick to school’ day last week!

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The LC1 have started to settle in to their new class after the summer. We have been enjoying play based learning and have been learning our new routines. In maths we have been learning about shape, colour and number. We have really enjoyed baking (and eating) cakes in class!

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LC Newsletter Term 1

Please see below the LC Meet the Teacher presentation-

Meet The Teacher LC 2021


LC Sharing Assembly- 14th May

LC Newsletter Term 4

This term the LC1 have been learning about measure. We have been estimating and using different objects to measure. We have also done a mini topic about the three little pigs. We had great fun building houses from different materials and blowing them down with the hair dryer!

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The LC Team have put together a Powerpoint and virtual tour video to share some information about the classes. See them below.

Language and Communication Classes Powerpoint