Primary 1a


Miss Sapfo Sitaridou


This term in P1a we have been learning about a very favourite topic: TOYS! We have been thinking and talking about different toys that we have at home and how they are different. We then became little scientists and investigated different forces that make toys move in different ways. We explored toys that move and stay still, toys that sink and float, toys that can be pushed and pulled, magnets and toys that can be programmed to move in specific ways.

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Homework 3.12.18

P1a have been exploring measure in different ways. We have looked at length, volume and capacity and we will soon investigate weight. We have been learning and using vocabulary such as long, tall, short, full,empty, nearly full, nearly empty and half full, half empty. We have been comparing and ordering. Here are some of the activities. We enjoyed taking part in our Maths Topic.

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Homework 19.11.18

P1 Newsletter Term 2

Homework 23.10.18