Primary 1b

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We decorated eggs using traditional Ukrainian designs and have displayed them in our windows.  This is to let the children of Ukraine know we are thinking of them.

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For the past weeks our focus in Maths has been measure. We started by making paper aeroplanes and were intrigued to measure the distance of how far they could fly.  We have been measuring using tapes, rulers, cubes and paper clips, comparing and ordering objects by length and height. We have used various containers to compare volume and capacity and discovered that sometimes taller containers can hold less! Also, we have used different scales  to measure how heavy and light things are and we were very surprised to find out that smaller objects can be heavier than bigger ones. To finish off our Measure Topic, we have put our skills to practice and measured all the ingredients correctly to make bread. It was very delicious and we were very pleased. We hope you enjoyed seeing the photos showing some of our activities.

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P1B have been learning about how we know about life in the past through the children’s interest in dinosaurs. We had lots of fun making dinosaur footprints in playdough and creating fossils using clay. We then became archaeologists ourselves, discovering the fossils in the sand. Last week we experienced how careful archaeologists need to be through a cookie excavation challenge!

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Please follow this link to find out more about play in P1.

Play in P1 at Broughton

P1 Newsletter Term 3

Please see below information around P1’s plans for RSHP this session-

RSHP Primary 1 2022


P1 Home Learning 17.1.22

P1 Home Learning 29.11.21

P1 Newsletter Term 2

P1B have been learning about 2D shapes this week. We have been trying to find shapes we know within our classroom environment.

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P1 Home Learning 13.9.21

Domino Bingo game

P1 Newsletter Term 1

Please see below P1’s Meet the Teacher presentation-

Meet The Teacher P1 2021