Primary 2a


Mrs Lorna Garner

P.2a enjoyed a day at the Botanics looking at all the exotic plants in the glasshouses. We saw some amazing sights!
Our picnic lunch was good too!

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P2 Newsletter May 2019

P2 Homework 20 May 19

P.2a pupils worked in small groups to design and construct model castles using different materials. They had to ensure that they included some of the features that we have been learning about in their design and to make sure that it was reasonably strong and stable.

All of the children did well to share their ideas and skills and reach compromises throughout the process.

They were all so pleased with their fabulous results!

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P2a Homework 29.04.19

As part of our learning about medieval castles, P.2a and P.2b visited Craigmillar castle on Tuesday 26th March. We were able to identify lots of features of a castle that we had been learning about in the classroom. Our favourite parts were the spiral staircase, the Great Hall, the dark prison (with the garderobe or toilet!) and the tower rooftop. We got an amazing view from the roof of the area all around, taking in Edinburgh Castle, the Pentlands and the sea.
At lunch-time we had a large grassy area to eat and play in and it was great fun! It was a visit enjoyed by all!

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Homework 18.03.19

Homework 25.02.19

Here are some photos of P2a enjoying the Global School Play Day before the February break!

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P.2a held a Burns Supper in our classroom. The children have been learning about the life and works of Burns for the last 2 weeks and we organised a supper in which all children contributed and many had specific roles. Parents came along to help with the food and the haggis, neeps and tatties were a big hit! We recited poems, sang songs, created our own address to the lassies and laddies, designed our own tartan placemats and enjoyed doing some Scottish reel dancing.

We had a super afternoon.

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Homework 21.01.19

Homework 3.12.18

P.2a went on a visit to Pilrig Park on 31st October. We were met by Natalia, the Park Ranger. First she took us to the wild flower garden and we learned about pollination. Then she gave us a very important job to do to help wildlife in the park. We were asked to make a Bug Hotel  to help keep insects warm and cosy during the cold winter months.

Here are the instructions for making one:-


We then pushed them into a hedge that is in a sunny position. We hope the bugs have crawled inside and are having a lovely time!!


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P2a Homework 12.11.18

P2 Newsletter Term 2

P2a Numeracy Home Learning Wall

Homework 23.10.18

P.2a visited St. Mark’s Park on Wednesday 3rd October as part of our learning about Percy the Park Keeper. We saw lots of different trees; some with colourful leaves, some with needles and some that had hardly any leaves at all.
We were so quiet going into the wooded area that we heard birds singing and even saw a grey squirrel scrambling up the branches of a tree!
It was great fun looking for different things to collect in our bags – pine cones, twigs, berries, bark… even feathers!

Guess what the best bit was… playing in the playground, of course! Oh, and making friends with a couple of cute dogs!!
What a great morning!


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P.2a have been learning to count in twos to 20 and beyond.
They created drawings to show their understanding of this and to help explain it to others.


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