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P4 Newsletter Term 4

We had great fun learning about electrical circuits in class this week. We created our own electrical circuits that powered motors, buzzers and lightbulbs.

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In recent weeks we have become environmental scientists investigating the impact that forest fires are having on our planet. Recently, we spent an afternoon creating ‘Save the Forests’ posters to share with our peers. It was an enjoyable afternoon and the children worked excellently in small groups. There was a lot of deliberation about what would make it on to each poster. The pupils also created their own success criteria based on their learning so far.

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To mark the end of our Scotland Topic, we created fairy gardens. We decided on fairy gardens after learning about Scottish myths and legends. The children worked brilliantly in groups to create very imaginative fairy gardens. Here are some photos that show us creating our fairy gardens and the finished products.

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This term we are taking on the role of environmental scientists. We are learning about forest fires – how they start, the impact that they have on people and animals and many other interesting facts. Our first lesson focused on ‘The Four Friends of Fire’. In pairs, pupils created storyboards about the four friends of fire and the role that each plays in forest fires. As you can see they turned out great!

The four friends of fire

During Anti-Bullying Week this week, we developed our understanding of bullying behaviours and the impact that bullying behaviours can have on others. This prompted great discussion in our classroom and pupils linked many aspects of discussion back to our class charter. Over the coming weeks we are going to be exploring this topic further.

Bullying behaviours and impact

P4a have created some wonderful enchanted trees with Mrs Martin during art lessons! Amazing work 😊

Enchanted trees

‘Be Kind’ is our focus for Building Resilience this term. We had an excellent discussion about bucket filling & bucket dipping. We also created some excellent buckets of our own in class.

Be kind - filling your bucket

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