Primary 4a


Miss Alison McIntosh

P4 Newsletter May 2019

P4A have been studying the 1960s as their class topic. During the topic, we learned about the First Man on the Moon in 1969, famous artist Andy Warhol, music and fashion, houses, jobs and of course toys! Here are some photos of P4A’s work on advertising toys and games which were created and sold in the 1960s.

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P4 Newsletter January 2019

P4 Challenge Homework January 2019

P4a got into the holiday spirit by making Grinch-themed Christmas cards!

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For our topic last term, we were learning about the wildlife around the Water of Leith. This term we got a chance to see some of these animals on our trip to the Water of Leith Conservation Trust. We had a brilliant day searching the woodlands for minibeasts and water dipping for fish. We also went on a walk through the woodlands to investigate the prints of animals that live there.

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P4 Challenge Homework- December

P4 Challenge Homework term 2

P4 Newsletter Term 2