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Mr Conor Horan

P4 Newsletter Term 3

This week in P4b, we have been investigating the properties of a variety of 3d shapes. We have also had the opportunity to work in pairs and create 3D shapes using art straws and playdough. It was an enjoyable task and allowed us to consolidate our growing knowledge of 3D shapes and their properties.

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Before the Christmas Holidays we had a fantastic afternoon investigating electrical circuits as part of our We are Scientists topic. Have a look at some of the photos that we took.

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Please see below information around P4’s plans for RSHP this session-

RSHP Primary 4 2022


As part of our ‘We are Scientists’ topic, P4b spent the afternoon learning about solubility. We began our afternoon by taking a closer look at some of the important vocabulary in relation to solubility. We then made some predictions for the materials that we would be using. Finally, we carried out experiment to determine which materials were soluble and which were insoluble! It was a very enjoyable afternoon.

We also had a little time to create our own versions of George’s Marvellous Medicine with all of our leftover materials!

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Last week some of our P4b pupils were lucky enough to spend the morning harvesting some of vegetables planted during Primary 3. As you can see from the photos we harvested some lovely, fresh produce and even a few wiggly worms joined in on the fun! A big thank you to Rachel from Parent Council for all her help.

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We have been learning about speech marks and how to use them correctly in our writing. We had a lot of fun using macaroni as speech marks, though some people were very tempted to have a light snack!

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P4 Newsletter- Term 2

For maths week, P4b has been focusing on data handling. In class today we collected data on our favourite ice cream flavour. Together we then made a bar chart. As you can see Bubblegum flavour is our favourite! 
It has been a fun but busy week of maths.
We have collected data, read bar graphs and pictograms while also creating our own. 

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P4 Challenge homework Sept – Oct

P4 Spelling Homework Book 1

P4 Spelling Book 1

P4 Newsletter Term 1

Please see below P4’s Meet the Teacher presentation-

Meet The Teacher P4 2021