Primary 5a


Mr Tom Paton

P5a have been writing descriptions of cartoon characters so that they can then write their own Viking character descriptions. Paired work is going very well!

P5 Newsletter Term 3

P5a have been learning about maps, mapping and grid references in the Our Community topic. A few weeks ago we went out into the playground to draw some chalk maps. Working with a partner, we described our journey to school and drew the keys features of the route. In the classroom, we looked at a couple of different maps and discussed the purpose of the scale, key and grid references. We then created our own bird’s-eye view map of the classroom and used this information to design a small treasure hunt with a partner.

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Book Festival
During our first full week of term, P5 visited the Book Festival at Charlotte Square.
We met the author Thomas J. Clark, who has adapted the popular book ‘Diary of a Wimpy Kid’ for the Scots language: ‘Diary O A Wimpy Wean’. We had a fantastic time discovering new words in the Scots language, attempted to beat Thomas in a Scots language quiz, performed part of the story on stage, and had the opportunity to ask questions. He was great fun! The walk there and back was long, but we represented our school well and even kept our spirits up in the heavy rain!

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Drummond P5
Last week we had a trip to the breakfast club at Drummond Community High School. In the morning we were met by three of the S6 leadership team, who helped us travel to and from the high school. The breakfast was delicious. We could have second helpings and some of us even had thirds! The S6 pupils were fantastic too. They took us, in small groups, on a treasure hunt around the school. We got to see the science classrooms and spoke to some of the other teachers and pupils.

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P5 Newsletter Term 1

P5 Meet The Teacher Presentation 2019