Primary 5a


Mr Conor Horan

After lots of hard work, some of our Viking Longships are nearing completion. Here are some pictures of those that are almost finished (some need a few finishing touches). It has been wonderful to see pupils working so collaboratively in groups. They have communicated so well together – facing and overcoming many design and building problems along the way.

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As part of our Time Travellers Topic work, we have been learning many different things about the Vikings. One particular focus we have had has been Viking longships. Over the past few weeks, P5a have worked in pairs to research and design their own Viking longships. Today we finally made a start on making these ships. It has been great fun so far and the pupils have really applied themselves to the task!

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P5a were very lucky to have Janet and her lovely dog, Fitch in during Book Week 2019. Fitch is a Therapuppy. It is was lovely to have him in and the pupils really enjoyed his company. Janet also read to us which was good fun.


A big thank you to Richard Smith who came in and read to P5a during Book Week 2019. It is always nice to have parents come in and work with the class.

P5a had a great time reading with P3a during Book Week. It was fantastic to see such enthusiasm from both classes.

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P5 Newsletter January 2019

P5 Challenge Homework January 2019

P5 have just started up a five week block of Ukulele lessons. Pupils in P5a had a great time recapping on what they learned last year and are looking forward to learning new songs this year! Thank you to Laurence & Korin who were great fun throughout.

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As part of our ‘We are Scientists’ focus, P5a have been investigating how sound travels through solids, liquids and gases. As part of our investigation we created string telephones and tested them against a number of different success criteria. Here are some photos.

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Challenge homework Nov – Dec

As part of our ‘We are Scientists’ focus, P5a have been learning about natural disasters, specifically earthquakes. The class made models of buildings to test how well structures stand up under the stress of an earthquake (jelly wobbling). It was very enjoyable task and the pupils worked very well to create structures alongside a success criteria.

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P5 Newsletter Term 2