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P5 Newsletter Term 4

Primary 5 enjoyed making symmetrical paper snowflakes as Christmas decorations, we worked together as a team to make each snowflake. Very well done to Jagna, Lola, Craig, Harry and Phoebe who went above and beyond to help make the decorations. They look magical hanging from the central staircase. Well done everyone!

christmas dec

This week, we are sad to say goodbye to Miss Hopps who has been teaching us. Thank you Miss Hopps for all your hard work with this class, we have enjoyed having you with us. This week Miss Hopps has been teaching us how to estimate, create and measure angles. We have even been on an angle hunt in the classroom and are developing our skills to use a protractor to measure angles.

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As part of our new building resilience focus ‘how to be kind’, Primary 5 have been learning how our words can affect others and to help visualise this we had fun squeezing out toothpaste! Every time Mrs McAndrew or Miss Hopps said something kind or unkind we squeezed a blob of toothpaste onto our paper heart. All of the acts of kind and unkindness had made a mark on our hearts. Then our teachers apologised for the unkind words and asked us to try to put the toothpaste back into the tube, obviously this was impossible to do, just like taking back words that we have said. Our teachers said sorry for each unkind thing and each time we spooned away some of the toothpaste. Although it got rid of most of the toothpaste, it left behind a stain on our paper hearts, showing us that although saying sorry makes things better, being unkind towards others can have a negative impact on the other person and often leaves behind a mark that sometimes takes time to heal and disappear.

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