Primary 6a


Miss Lauren Judges

P6a have had lots of fun over the past few weeks learning some rugby skills with Cammy from BATS. We’ve been learning about passing, moving into space, shielding, and tackling. Lots of fun!

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P6A have really been enjoying independent learning- it is helping us to develop time management and organisational skills as we have to make sure we have completed all our ‘rainbow tasks’ by Friday. It also means we are learning through more games and practical activities rather than just by worksheets. For example, when learning about Place Value we have played Place Value Jenga, Place Value Guess Who and Place Value Playdough Parade.

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P6 Newsletter Term 1

P6 Home Learning-September

Meet The Teacher P6 Powerpoint 2019

Last week P6 visited the Book Festival at Charlotte Square.

We met the author Sam Gayton, and had a great time discovering how to create and develop features of a character. Sam also read some of his latest novel and answered questions. He was great fun! It was a long walk to get there and back, but we were resilient!

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