Primary 6b


Miss Lauren Judges

P6b have enjoyed using Loose Parts to develop their imaginative play alongside their P2 buddies!

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We have been enjoying learning about WW2 this term and have found out lots of interesting things. We learned about the changing role of women during the war and in groups researched the different jobs they had to do. We then presented our findings to the class. Some of us did this in a powerpoint whilst others made booklets and leaflets.

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Well done to all of Primary 6 for a visit to Drummond Community High School. We visited the school’s breakfast club facilities on Wednesday 13th March. The S6 pupils who run the club gave us some interesting information about what is available to pupils of Drummond and also took the pupils on a ‘Treasure Hunt’ tour around the building. All children were offered the choice of cereal, toast and pancakes; alongside juice and water. Staff were fed as well! The children were a credit to us and the school.

P6 Homework Challenges – 2019 – WW2

P6 Newsletter January 2019

P6b have been designing their own class charter. We are looking forward to putting it up in our newly decorated classroom once it is refurbished!

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Euro Quiz resources

P6 Homework Challenges – 2018 – Nov

P6 Newsletter Term 2