Primary 7a


Ms Natascha Ziemons

P7 Homework- February 2019

P7 Newsletter- January 2019

P7 Newsletter Term 2

Homework P7- Term 2

As part of the learning we are doing about democracy and the Scottish Parliament, we had a workshop led by a Parliamentary Education Officer last week. We learned lots of new things about how the Scottish Parliament works. We got to form our own parties and write our own manifestos. We also got to take part in a debate just like the ones they have in Parliament. It was very interesting and we would recommend it for anyone learning about the Scottish Parliament.

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The P7s were invited to Broughton to have a Halloween Breakfast. The breakfast was great and included cereal, toast and PANCAKES! We really enjoyed ourselves. After breakfast there was a treasure hunt around the school. We got to go all over the school and meet some of the teachers. It was good fun.

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The P7 classes went to Drummond High School to complete a STEM project led by some of the Drummond High School seniors. We learnt about how scarce water is and had to think of ways to make a water caddy which could be moved by one person on their own. We drew our deisgns, made our caddies, costed them and checked how easy they were to move. In the afternoon we presented our finished caddies to rest of the P7 pupils.We had great day and came up with some really good designs.

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