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P7 Literacy Friday 3rd April

P7 Maths Friday 3rd April


Please see below for some Maths Boost resources from Miss Clark.

Chapter 7 Figurative Home Learning Wall

Chapter 7- Fivewise Mini Ten Frames

Chapter 7 Mini Ten Frames

Chapter 8- Counting On- Home Learning Wall- One

Chapter 8- Counting On- Home Learning Wall- Two

Chapter 9- Facile- Home Learning Wall- One

Chapter 9- Facile- Home Learning Wall- Two


Multiply and Divide by multiples of 10 100 1000- Thurs 2nd April

P7 Maths Thurs 2nd April- Mild.docx

P7 Maths Thurs 2nd April- Spicy.docx

P7 Maths Thurs 2nd April- Hot

P7 Literacy Thurs 2nd April

P7 Literacy- Character Traits Thurs 2nd April


P7 Literacy Wednesday 1st April

P7 Maths Wednesday 1st April- Mild

P7 Maths Wednesday 1st April- Spicy

P7 Maths Wednesday 1st April- Hot


Hyphens and Dashes Powerpoint

P7 Literacy Tuesday 31st March

Hyphens and Dashes worksheet

Multiplying and dividing by powers of ten 3

P7 Maths Tuesday 31st March- Mild

P7 Maths Tuesday 31st March- Spicy

P7 Maths Tuesday 31st March- Hot


P7 Literacy- Monday 30th March

P7 Maths Monday 30th March- Mild

P7 Maths Monday 30th March- Spicy

P7 Maths Monday 30th March-Hot

P7 Weekly Home Learning Grid WB March 30th


Boost Ideas for P3 to P7


P7 Literacy Friday 27th March

P7 Maths Friday 27th March


P7 Literacy Thursday 26th March

P7 Maths Thurs 26th March


P7 Literacy Wed 25th March

P7 Maths Wed 25th March- Mild

P7 Maths Wed 25th March- Spicy

P7 Maths Wed 25th March- Hot


P7 Maths Tuesday 24th March- Mild

P7 Maths Tuesday 24th March- Spicy

P7 Maths Tuesday 24th March- Hot

P7 Literacy Tuesday 24th March


Monday 23rd March-P7 Literacy

Monday 23rd March- P7 Maths-Hot

Monday 23rd March- P7 Maths-Spicy

Monday 23rd March- P7 Maths-Mild

P7 Weekly Home Learning Challenge Grid- WB March 23rd


For Internet Safety week, P7a have been learning about dos and don’ts of being online. After some think-pair-share and discussion, we created internet safety leaflets for ourselves and the younger pupils at Broughton.

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P7a are using listening and talking partners to help them with imaginative ideas. Having shared ideas and discussed them at length, pupils are putting their ideas down on paper.

P7 Challenge Home Learning- Jan – March 2020

P7 Newsletter Term 3

Welcome back! Hope your 2020 is going well. Our names are Carlos, Rose and Ava. And this week we are writing the P7a blog!
This is how our first week back went!
To start off our week we did some French with Miss Louise. We revised days of the week in French. To help us learn we sung a song about the days of the week. Then we completed a work sheet where we had to match the English days of the week with the French ones. It was quite fun and so far, we enjoy French.

In math’s we’ve been doing measuring in cm, m, km and mm. We’ve been converting cm & mm, cm & m and m & km. we have been doing lots of jotter work and booklets. Now we are moving on to scale and drawing to scale.

Reading groups:
In reading all the groups are reading quite interesting books like: The Boy in the Dress, Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Northern Lights and The Accidental Time Traveller. All week in reading we have been doing reading, task maps and talking to the teacher about our book.

In writing we are learning how to note take. We have been researching and taking notes about the Australian bushfires. To source our information, we used ipads. Once we had collected all our notes we started to plan a newspaper report on the Australian bushfires. We are in the process of finishing these.

In art we were learning about Gustav Klimt, we were drawing patterns on paper to cut out. Before that we got pieces of paper saying either: learn, respect or safe. And we had to write down or draw what we thought would go on the paper to do with school. For example, for learn we put drawings of books and numbers.
Thank you for reading our blog! we hope you enjoyed reading about our amazing week.

Adios amigos!
From Ava, Rose and Carlos 😊

P7A had a fun morning presenting our challenge homework to one another. There were some super board games, interesting interviews and some fantastic flip books on show! Some pupils were happy to have themselves and their homework photographed. Take a look for yourself!

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P7A had a great afternoon with Ryan & Finn from IBM on Tuesday! The class was split into three teams and pupils worked together to create their very own marble run. It was good fun and each group worked very well as a team, sharing ideas and working together to improve their score each time. Here are some photos and videos of what we were up to.

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As part of our Science Champions topic, P7A have been learning about genetics and traits that we inherit from our parents and also those that are environmental. We had great fun learning about this and even made our own mum and dad Reebop’s with their very own baby Reebop! Have a look for yourself!

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Friday 22nd November 2019
Hola, welcome to P7a’s weekly blog. We are Brooke, Ava and Vlad and we are here to tell you about our amazing week of learning 😊😊
Science: This week we learned about some cool things in science to do with magnets. We all were given 3 magnets, 1 that was freezing, 1 that was hot and 1 that was room temperature! We dropped them in a cup full of paperclips 3 separate times for each magnet to see if they had different results, which they did. So we learned that magnets in different temperatures can be weaker or stronger!
Buddying: we conducted the same magnet experiment with our P1 buddies. It was really fun, and our buddies liked it a lot! We got quite a lot of paperclips, some were over 60! After the experiment our buddies were very helpful and helped clean and put everything away back where they belong!
Spelling: this week in spelling we did the oy sound and learned words like voyager, corduroy, clairvoyant etc. On Tuesday we dot and dashed our words, on Wednesday we worked on our common word spelling, on Thursday we test our shoulder partners on there 5 trickiest words, then on Friday we hand in our spelling homework.
Writing: we finished our Sleeping Giants stories that we started the week before. We got a picture of a giants hand coming out of the ground and had to use our imaginations to come up with our own stories.
Maths: We started off with mental maths and then moved on to written work where we did the chunking method, some people were a bit unsure of the chunking method but as the week went on everyone started to understand it more.
Throughout the week we done fun stuff like our weekly together time on a Friday, we also took part in some Go noodle mind breaks. And we all had a good week at school!
This blog was written by Brooke, Ava and Vlad. Hope you enjoyed! Adios😊😊

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At the third attempt Bikeability FINALLY happened for P7A! Unfortunately, the weather was not the best; but we managed to stay on our bikes until lunchtime and then spent the afternoon in the classroom consolidating what we had learned throughout the morning session. Here are a few photos.

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21 November 2019

Hi we are Hannah, Niamh and Heather and welcome to our weekly P7 blog. We are going to fill you in on all our learning this week.

PE: So, on Monday we had PE first thing with Mr Horan and we were doing circuits. Some of the exercises we were doing were star jumps, sit-ups, push-ups and twists
Maths: This week we are finally nearly finished our multiplication/grid method and then we are moving onto division.

Reading: This week we have been working independently. The Broughton Readers have been doing questions and had a discussion with Mr Horan. The Reading Things have read to page 170 and completed tasks from the task map, The Crunchy Cookies have read up to the end of chapter 13 and also completed some tasks of the task map and The Risky Readers have read up to page 200 and also completed some tasks from the task map.

Spelling: This week on Monday we have written our homework and written the words in our spelling booklets. On Tuesday we done dot and dash then on Wednesday we worked on common word spelling. Finally, on Thursday we tried some assessment activities to test ourselves. For example, hang man or rainbow words.

Writing: This week in writing we have tried a new way to plan our story and we planned a short story called Sleeping Giants. To be honest it was pretty hard to do it like that, but we think we did well.

Science: We were learning about micro-organisms and growing our own microbes on a piece of bread. It was really gross to make the breads dirty because some people put it down the toilet and on the toilet seat! Other people put it on chairs and put dust on it.

Buddying: This week in buddying we have showed are buddies how to conduct an experiment where we investigate the cohesive features of water using a coin and a pipette.

Hope you have enjoyed reading our blog! Have a nice day.

By: Hannah,Niamh and Heather 😊

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Hi, welcome to P7a’s weekly blog. Our names are Evie, Jai and Logan and we will be telling you about our week at school.

On Monday morning we had PE with Mr Papa we and we played a game of chain tag and it was great fun. When we went back to the class and talked about strategies people use when they feel stressed and how these strategies can help us when we feel overwhelmed. For an activity, we cut out battery packs out of paper and wrote our strategies on them. We then spoke about these strategies at assembly. This week in math we were learning about the grid method. The grid method can be quite tricky at times. We also had reading groups and spelling in the afternoon.
On Tuesday we went to assembly in the hall. When it was over we went back to class and did spelling, we did dot and dashing and partner work. After break we did some more work on multiplication using the grid method. We also discussed science safety and how to keep safe during science. This was to prepare for our Science Champions work with P1 . We also made a sheet about safety for our buddies about what not to do in a science lesson when doing an experiment such as don’t push people, listen to the teacher and don’t run.
On Wednesday we did common word spelling where we wrote down the words in cursive. Than we conducted an experiment about cohesion where we had a coin and a pipette and a cup of water. We carefully squeezed drops onto the coin until they joined together because of cohesion. After that we filled out a sheet explaining what we did in our experiment.
On Thursday we did spelling in the morning. We had time to spell out our 5 chosen words. We also finished any unfinished posters for our science buddies. In the afternoon we began to make science boards about our cohesion experiment for our parent drop in on Friday morning.
Friday morning was a parent drop in and we conducted both experiments with our parents and we finished our science boards. After break we read stories to our buddies and we watched newsround with milk and had Together Time until the end of the day.

By Logan, Evie and Jai thank you for reading our blog 😊

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P7 Challenge Home Learning Nov – Dec

Hi there and welcome to our P7A blog. Our names are Rifah, Alena & Kenzie. We have loads to share with you so hope you enjoy.
Today we are going to be writing about the week ending Friday 1st November. Starting off with our new PE teacher Mr. Papa. In our first PE session with Mr. Papa P7A played a game of ‘Octopus Tig’. If you don’t know what ‘Octopus Tig’ is it’s a game where there’s two or three taggers and the rest of the pupils must attempt to run from one side of the hall to the other, if they get tagged they will become seaweed by sitting on the floor and trying to tag others by staying in the same place. Another activity P7A had done with Mr. Papa was bench ball. We think P7A really enjoyed our first PE session with Mr. Papa.
During Building Resilience P7A have been focusing about getting active. Some of the active activities we have been doing are whole class yoga, silent reading, brain breaks, daily mile and finally making our own personal strategies.

In maths P7A have been working on rounding and adjusting when multiplying. We have also been learning how to do the grid method, some of the class found it challenging and P7A learnt that if you F.A.I.L. you will learn from you’re mistakes, we also found out that F.A.I.L. stands for First Attempt In Learning. Our class were also using our times tables to see the link with bigger calculations. As a warm up P7A does the daily ten. The daily ten is a game on the smartboard that we play, it focuses on all the maths skills and it has levels if you find it too easy or hard. There’s also a timer where you can change the timer and 20secs is the max but if you don’t want a timer there is also manual where you can change the next question yourself and take as much time as you want on the question.
In reading we have 4 groups, The Risky Readers who are reading ‘Northern lights’ by Philip Pullman, The Crunchie Cookies who are reading ‘The Accidental Time Traveller’ by Janis Mackay, The Reading Things who are reading ‘The Brilliant World of Tom Gates’ by Liz
Pichon and lastly The Broughton Readers that are reading ‘The Firework-makers Daughter’ also by Philip Pullman. Also, all the groups are working on a taskmap dedicated to their group. A taskmap is a sheet full of a variety of tasks for their group. Each task has a subheading, e.g: Connect 4, Read and Understand, Infer what’s not there, Explore Some More and finally Create something great. The group must try and get as many as they can done by also understanding, taking their time and answering the question in full sentences.

P7A have been setting targets that they have to complete, the time limit is till the Christmas holiday. We each have three targets, one for literacy, one for numeracy and lastly one for outdoors/any other targets. P7A have also been doing writing assessment and the goal was to finish the assessments.
Last week P7A were learning about science safety as we are going to be doing science with our P1 buddies. It’s important to be a responsible role model because younger pupils look up to the older pupils and its part of our responsibility to keep the younger pupils safe but also there will be adults/staff around us keeping all of us safe. P7A also got a worksheet and had to spot out the things that were going wrong in the picture of the class room to make sure that we didn’t do it in the P1 class rooms in front of them.

In class we have also been learning about what are the key features of a good citizen and a good online citizen. We were split up into groups of three/four and made a Venn diagram in our groups. There were different words and phrases e.g. : pick up litter: a good citizen, report inappropriate online behaviour: a good digital citizen and do nice things for others: both.
During buddying P7A have been going out in the playground for loose parts play with our buddies. We have also written Halloween stories for the p1s and we think the P1s really enjoyed listening and we, P7s, also liked listening to their Halloween stories. If you’re wanting to write a story for the little ones here we have some advice for you. Firstly, is to have less writing and more pictures, some kids may not understand if there’s too many words and if little words and more pictures most kids will get a better perspective. Another thing is to not use very descripted language that some kids will not really understand.
Now P7A will share with you how we made our Halloween stories in writing for our P1 buddies and what the key features are. Firstly, we planned for the Halloween stories, next we started writing our stories. Once we finished writing and drawing pictures we next coloured the pictures in. Then we made the front covers for our stories and a name for the story. Finally, we made the blurb for the story.
In our spelling program we learn a different sound each week. On Mondays we write down our spelling words for the week in our spelling booklet then we underline or shade in the words we learn for our homework, next we pick 5 words we found difficult and write it down in our spelling jotter and hand the finished homework on Fridays. On Tuesdays we do dot and dash, on Wednesdays we do common word spelling and lastly, we asses our spelling homework words on Thursdays and if we have time on Fridays we do dictation.
We hope you enjoyed reading about what had happened in our class last week. We also hope you enjoy the photos below. We will keep you in touch next week for what happens in this class, until next time bye.
Signed by: Alena, Rifah and Kenzie!

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Well done to P7A who showcased some of the excellent challenge homework that they produced during September and October. We had a great afternoon looking at each other’s work and lots of the class were happy to pose with their favourite piece of homework. Take a look for yourself!

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Blog 11th October 2019
Hello and welcome to the p7a blog. This week is a bit different because we have 2 weeks to talk about! Our names are Anna, Farah and Carlos. Anyways, we have lots to share with you so enjoy 😊
Spelling – We follow our usual spelling routine that has lots of different activities. Some of the activities include. Look, say, cover, write & check, dot & dash, my turn, your turn and some other active spelling activities.
Writing – We have been learning about how to use there, their and they’re correctly in our writing . We have also been learning how to use are and our. We have taken some photos of work for you to see for yourselves.
We have also been planning and writing a story for our writing assessment. We have been planning on our volcano planning sheet where we have, a beginning, a build-up, a problem, problem fixed and the ending. You don’t have to stick to them headings, but they are there to help us structure our plan.
Maths – In Mental Maths we have been playing daily 10 and solving some quick mental math word problems. Every single day for 20 minutes we practice our mental maths skills.
We have also been doing addition and subtraction. We have been adding as much as 8 digit numbers. We have included some photos of our maths work for you to see.
We are going to be doing multiplication and division after the October break and we are really excited!
Art – Our art teacher is called Mrs Martin
With her we have been doing pop art, pointillism and creating our own gargoyles by creating our own faces for them.
After the October holidays we are not getting art anymore we are sad because we love having time to use our big imaginations on a piece of paper.
A lady also came in and told us about MaCintosh and we drew a picture with a rose and some lines. We liked that very much.
PE – Our PE teacher is called Mrs Ramm, but she is sadly off right now so Mr Horan has been taking our PE. We are doing stations and circuits in PE. Some of the exercises we have been working on include push-ups, sit-ups, high knees, squats, star jumps and twists.
Topic – We are learning about democracy. We had a person that works in the parliament (Ian Clark) and we also had a MSP (Ben Macpherson) come and talk to us and we had a lot of fun!
We have also been learning about important figures in Black History for Black History Month and why it is so important. Here are some more photos.
Thank you for reading our blog and have a nice October break!
Anna, Farah & Carlos 😊

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Hello and welcome to our weekly blog from P7A at Broughton Primary. Sorry about the delay, we have been super busy with Lagganlia!
Our names are Ebrahim, Rafay and Hendeke. We will be sharing some of our learning experiences from this week in P7A.
Monday holiday: Instead of a normal Monday we had a Monday holiday!! We had different opinions, Rafay said he felt very sluggish coming back on Tuesday. Hendeke said she was sick all weekend and for the Monday holiday, so she was very bored even though she did watch a lot of TV and Ebrahim said he spent his weekend watching YouTube on his tv.
Spelling: This week in spelling our sound was -qu and for that sound we did spelling activities every day. On Monday we did MTYT (my turn your turn) and look say cover write check, on Tuesday we did give five get five and dot and dash, on Wednesday we looked at the meanings of our spelling words and did our common word spelling booklet and on Thursday we’re supposed to test each other but this week we did it on Friday! (Sorry Mr Young!)
Writing: This week in writing we were using direct speech in our writing. So how do you use it correctly? The rules of direct speech are:
*start a new line for a different speaker
*always have “ at the start and ” at the end
*have a capital letter at the start of the speech
*have closing punctuation before the ”
Maths: Every day we did 20 minutes of mental maths, in mental maths we have been playing fun mental maths games like: Top ten, hit the button and Meriln’s magic maths mission.P7A have also been doubling and halving decimals in our maths jotter.
Pop Art: We have been doing art with our art teacher Mrs. Martin, she has been doing different things with us like: making a musical picture with lots of notes and we have been drawing pop art people which includes pointillism.
PE: our PE session with BATS rugby was quite fun, we picked our partners and each group of two got a PE mat to themselves to do some warm ups the warm ups were not your typical star jumps and push ups but instead we did tackling activities (which were quite enjoyable)
Buddying: In buddying we were building structures with our buddies.
Lagganlia: We are all very happy we had the experience of Lagganlia. It allowed us all to leave our comfort zone and try something new!

P7 Challenge Home Learning-Sept – Oct

P7A had a visitor from Scottish Parliament yesterday. Mr Ian Clark delivered a brilliant workshop on the ins and outs of Scottish Parliament through the Outreach@YourSchool programme.

Pupils enjoyed a wide range of activities which included interactive quizzes, an election and even a live debate with our results sent straight to Holyrood! It really was an amazing afternoon and really helped pupils Scottish Parliament.

Enjoy some of the photos and clips from our afternoon.

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P7 Challenge Home Learning- Sept-Oct

Hello and welcome to our weekly blog for P7A at Broughton Primary. Our names are James , Merla and Karam We will be sharing some of our learning from our week at school.
Monday 9th of September 2019
For writing we turned an animation into a narrative poem. A narrative poem is a poem that tells a story. The animation is called ‘Pip.’ ‘Pip’ is an animation about a dog that’s called Pip. He is a smaller dog than all the rest. Pip wants to become like his hero, Ace. He only just gets into Guide Dog University. He leads blind folded people into obstacles so they trip over (he doesn’t mean to). He decides to have a growth mindset, he focuses on becoming a good guide dog and a few days later he becomes an amazing guide dog. However, when the test day comes he fails the test and gets kicked out of Guide Dog University. But as he starts to leave, he sees a blind person in a building site she is about to get bunch of stones dumped on her head. Pip leads her to safety and gets turned into a guide dog hero just like Ace.

Tuesday 10th September 2019
In Topic we were discussing laws and how there made. We were also discussing what laws should be made and why. First, we chose our groups and said the laws that we thought should be made. Then we all chose are favourite law and wrote the most voted one down on the sheet of paper. We also wrote why we would like the law to be passed. After that we would give our sheet to another group and they would pass the law or not pass the Law and if it was passed it would go to a class vote. A few got passed a few didn’t.

Wednesday 11th of September 2019
In Art we were finishing off our cubism portraits. A cubism portrait is when you draw a person, but you split up their face into random shapes. Also, you are not allowed to take your pen off the paper when you are drawing your portrait. After your finished that you went on to do a musical picture. You would draw wavy bars and musical notes that you would outline in black pen. Next you colour the background with paint sticks or do stripes or dots with felt pen. That style of art is called pop art.
That is all for this week, chat soon,
James, Karam and Merla.

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Hi, welcome to P7A’s weekly blog from Broughton primary.

Our names are Holly, Martha and Rose. We will be telling you about our packed week at school.

This week we’ve been taking a new approach to maths, which means we’ve been doing at least twenty minutes a day of mental maths. Right now, our focus for mental maths has been counting forwards and backwards, and in our maths jotters we’ve been rounding and adding to the nearest 1000,2000 and 5000.

Our new topic is Democracy Rules. This week we have been learning about Scottish Devolution and democracy. For this task, we were put into groups and then we took notes from a power point and the used our notes to make timelines about Scottish Devolution. We also discussed the age you should be when you’re allowed to vote, and whether Scotland should be independent or not?

In writing we have been writing narrative poems about a short clip called ‘The Present’, we wrote four lines per stanza. First, we watched the clip all the way through, then we all took notes on what was happening in the story
In art, our teacher Mrs Martin asked us to draw cubist portraits by Picasso, and then we coloured them in with hot and cold colours. The challenge was that you couldn’t take your pen off the paper.

On Thursday in PE a guy from BATS rugby club came in and taught us some rugby games. We played five pass rugby, in order to score a point, you have to pass the ball five times to someone in your team, and for our warm up we played tunnel tig.

In buddying on Friday we met with our P1 buddies and we played with the loose parts. We had fun building things, running about and getting to know our buddies better, since we’ve only known them for 3 weeks. After a bit we had to tidy up, we helped our buddies get into line then the P7’s had to tidy everything up.

We hope you enjoyed our blog! Here are some pictures of our work!
Holly, Martha and Rose.

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P7 Newsletter Term 1

Hello and welcome to the very first weekly blog from P7a at Broughton Primary.
Our names are Abbey, Paloma and Matthew and we will be sharing some of our learning and experiences from our week at school.
As always, it was a very busy week at school. Our days were full of learning, fun, jobs, experiences and much more.

Mr. Young, our spelling teacher, came in this week to show us our new spelling program. We did activities like our finger spelling, my turn your turn and dotting and dashing.

Our class tried some descriptive writing to create characters from ‘How To Train Your Dragon’ by Cressida Cowell. We used our five senses to describe Toothless and made our own characters, inspired by Cressida Cowell.

Our class read some narrative poetry. We picked our favourite poem and changed it into a story. We found it quite easy because the storyline was already made for you.

Our school aim is to spend six hours a week doing maths. We’ve been focusing on rounding numbers to help us estimate the answers and adding/subtracting to get the real answers.

In art, we have been trying to imitate an artist, Jennifer Orcan Lewis who does portraits with only using shades of blue.
We have been doing different activities and exercises in PE with Mr Horan, such as tig, octopus tig, bean game and a rock, paper, scissors game.

Now that we are P7 we now have the responsibility to be P7 buddies for the P1s. We read books and play games with them.
We also have the responsibility to do P7 jobs like emptying recycling from every class, play with P1s and p2s, monitor lines and hold doors.
On Wednesday we had ‘Meet the Teacher’ so Mr Horan could tell our parents and carers about what’s happening and to tell us what we are doing this year.


Abbey, Paloma and Matthew

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Meet The Teacher P7 Presentation 2019

Please follow this link to visit the Lagganlia website for further information about accommodation, activities and more-

Lagganlia Website

Please find below a copy of the Lagganlia Kit List, should you need a spare copy-

Lagganlia Kit and Clothing List