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Miss Ellen McCrimmon

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Here is our presentation for ‘Christmas Around the World!’

P7a have been mad with multiplication! We have explored many different strategies and solved lots of different types of multiplication problems. Now that we have been reaching the end of our multiplication focus, we created some instructional manuals to show some of our favourite strategies for multiplication using different types of maths resources. Click on the pdf link below and follow the instructions to find your manual. Enjoy!

P7a’s Instructional Multiplication Manuals

P7a have been showing their awareness of place value when multiplying using a variety of methods. Knowledge and understanding of place value is extremely important and these instructional stop motion videos are wonderfully informative! The class have created some brilliant videos displaying their understanding! Enjoy by clicking on the link below.

Place Value Stop Motion Videos

P7 Newsletter Term 2

Last week, P7A were exploring chemical reactions. We learned and used the terms reactants and products while scientifically writing up our Balloon experiment. After mixing some bicarbonate of Soda and vinegar together, we watched the chemical reaction and observed the key changes. We identified that one of the key signs a chemical reaction took place was when the balloon began to expand, showing that a gas had been produced as a result of the chemical reaction.
Here are some photos of our balloons.

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P7 Newsletter Term 1

Here is the first episode of P7 Broughton News!