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P7 Challenge Home Learning- Jan – March 2020

P7 Newsletter Term 3

Here is the latest blog from P7B-

Monday the 18th of November
We started the day with a maths problem activity, we had to count how many rectangles were in a pattern.
Then we did PE with Miss McCrimmon and Miss Graham. We were continuing our circuits while checking our heart rate to see how it changed. Some of the exercise were sit ups, push ups, star jumps and tricep dips. we recorded how many we did of each exercises. Then it was break.

After break-
Once we got in from break we watched Newsround. After that we went straight into maths. We were checking we knew our multiplication methods we have been learning [grid method and chimney sums] for our end of block assessment. Once we had all practised we did a practise assessment. Then it was lunch.

We started our afternoon with calm time- as usual. Then it was reading with Miss Graham. We have four different groups in reading – book agents, editors, publishers and authors. The book agents were finishing any unfinished tasks, editors were doing Blooms Taxonomy task, publishers read with Miss McCrimmon and the authors read with Miss Graham. The last thing we did on Monday was looking at gender stereotypes, we shared as a class what we thought when someone said man or if someone said women, then what are jobs for men and what are jobs for woman. Then it was home time.

Tuesday the 19th of November
Assembly to start our morning which included a speech from some of our JRSOs. Then we watched some of our P6s and 7s performance for children in need. Then we found out who won the house points [Drummond] and star awards from our class – Layla won. Then it was time to go back to class where we talked about character descriptions so we could write our own. Then it was break time!

After break-

We did Idioms with miss Graham and we drew pictures of idioms as literal pictures and wrote down their figurative meanings. Then it was lunch time!

Calm time, then it was maths were we did our assessments for multiplication. After our assessments we started our character descriptions. Then it was home time!

Wednesday the 20th of November

In the morning we finished our character descriptions and then we did reading groups,-the book agents read the first 2 chapters of Kensuke’s Kingdom, the editors did reading tasks on their book the publishers did a comprehension task, authors did a witches task. Break!

Then it was newsround. Next was maths where we did stations to learn there chunking method for division. Lunch!

Science time! We were conducting an experiment about magnets to see if they would work better if they were cold or hot. Most of us found that the hot magnet worked better. Hometime!

Thursday the 21st of November
To start our day we did a morning task. Next was Maths where we did the stations we had not yet done yesterday, we were still doing chunking with division. Break!

After break-
We went to music with Miss Truse where we play the categories game and sang the first ten elements of the periodic table, then we clapped along to the beat of a song. Lastly we sang shotgun by Gorge Ezra. Lunch time!

Calm time to start our afternoon followed by going over our conclusion for the bread experiment from last week. Most peoples bread went mouldy, especially the dirty pieces of bread! Next it was Spelling with miss Graham where we got our spelling homework. Lastly it was singing practise for the Christmas show! Hometime!

Friday the 22nd of November

First was morning task closely followed by finishing jobs then buddying where we did the magnet experiment with our buddies. Break!

After break-
Reading time. In reading we focused on comprehension and understanding what the author is meaning when they say certain things.
After reading we had together time before the end of the day. The star of the week this week was Ramzaan! 😊

Written by Jasmine and Ruby

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Please see below the P7 Blog for the week of 4th-8th November!


In the morning we did spelling: we did give five get five then we wrote down our words. We then did PE which was circuits with Miss McCrimmon. Our arms and legs were pretty much dead after, we checked our heartbeats and they were quite high! While we were doing that some people made a battery for display.
After break we did maths where we did multiplying 3 digits by 1 digit.
After lunch we did reading, some groups read by themselves, the editors read with Miss Graham, but all groups had to do a task if they finished. We have really enjoyed our books this term. We then did health and wellbeing where we talked about how we need to have our batteries recharged sometimes, like an iPad. We also thought about the things we like to do if we need our batteries recharged.
First thing we had Assembly where we did the usual House points, star awards and we showed our battery that we made on Monday, it has on it what makes us feel calm when we are stressed.
After break we did writing where we were given a picture and we had to write a story about it. It was fun!
After lunch we did our maths where we did multiplying three digits by three by two digits. The grid method is everyone’s favourite! We then did reading with Miss Graham where the Editors got a new book- The Boy who Fell down Exit 43.

When we first came in we did the problem-solving activity with the fireworks and we had to work out how much it would cost to make certain words with fireworks. Then we did stations for maths where we got to scan QR codes with the iPad.

After break we learned about homophones with Miss Graham and we had to do a homophone challenge where we had 5 minutes to come up with as many homophones as possible. It was tricky!
On the afternoon we started our new topic- Science Champions! We learned about adhesion and we made water go down a string from one cup to another cup water. When water sticks to other surfaces that’s called adhesion then when water sticks to itself that is called cohesion.
On Thursday morning we practiced multiplication again in maths, but we had to use textbooks to practice which we actually quite like!!
After break, we had a supply teacher where we got to do some drama and it was fun because everyone had to make up a performance.
After lunch we got stuck into science and started making our science boards, which we were showing our parents on Friday. On them we were showing the adhesion or cohesion experiments, how we did them and what our results were.

Friday morning was our parent drop in! We were working on our science boards and showing them the experiments, we had done this week. All our parents found it cool!
After break we got to finish all the jobs off we had not completed during the week. Then it was together time and some of us got to go outside with Miss Judges and some of us stayed with Miss McCrimmon and Miss Graham. Thanks for reading!!

P7 Challenge Home Learning Nov – Dec

Well done for the effort shown on your challenge homework. There were some very creative ideas, some brilliant research and lots of practising new skills. Keep up the hard work!! 😊

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P7 Challenge Home Learning-Sept – Oct

See below our latest weekly blog!

Monday was a bank holiday so we did nothing in school.
On Tuesday we had assembly first thing in the morning. After assembly we went to our classroom and we started working on writing, to layout our speech marks. Then we went for break, after that we watched Newsround and had our milk and water. When Newsround finished we were talking about what we saw in the news, like when Boris Johnsons closed down the parliament for 5 weeks. We were talking about the news for quite a long time, so we decided to start are writing on how to layout are speech marks carrying on a Harry Potter story, which was quite an interesting lesson. We went out for lunch, after lunch we finished are day of with maths, we did doubling and halving decimals. And that was our day.

We started our day off with some art with Mrs Martin, creating pop art with the whole class. After we had break we watched Newsround and had our milk and water. Then we did some more maths till lunch. After lunch we had calm time, then we did spelling for a bit. After that we had P.E with students from Drummond high school. while we were at P.E we did basketball. When we got back to class. we did mental maths where we were partitioning numbers that were on the board. And that was our day .
On Thursday we had our morning task where we had to put speech marks into different sentences. After that we had P.E with the rugby coach, we mastered tackling! After P.E we had break. When break finished we watched Newsround and had our drinks. After, we talked about the news we did maths in our jotter. We were learning about finding our favourite method to add big numbers mentally. As a class we found that people used 6 different methods to add! Then we did a bit of reading and spelling. At lunch some people had glee club when lunch ended we did budding with our P1 buddies, helping them build buildings from our local community . When we got back into class we listened to a podcast we’ve been listing to and following for about a week now. We completed some podcast response sheets, did our classroom jobs then we went home. and that was our day.
Today we started to day of IDL / Democracy vs Dictatorships. We were looking at how different countries are run and the people who wanted to rule their country in a democracy or a dictatorship. We thought about what we would do if we were to become dictators and how that would work. After that it was break time once again. When we came back from break we finished some posters comparing democracies and dictatorships. After that we had together time, and that was our day.
By Liam and Omar

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P7 Challenge Home Learning- Sept-Oct

Here is the latest P7b weekly blog!

Today to start off with we did our Morning activity like every day. For our Morning activity we did a mixture of maths.
Then we did our maths lesson. We were focusing on adding to 100 and 1000. But to start with, we drew on our desks (don’t worry, it came off super easily). It was a maths game. We were drawing this dart-looking thing and we wrote numbers in it. After, we were given a counter each and tossed it onto were the dart was and whatever number the counter landed on, we had to figure out how much more until the next 100, 1000, and 2000, or whichever number we wanted to choose!
For reading we were put into our reading groups. Authors: They were using their knowledge of vocab, phonics, context clues, punctuation and grammar to read with understanding and expression with their book (Everything Machine). Book Agents/Editors/Publishers were showing their understanding, to respond to literal, Inferential and evaluative questions.
For our IDL we are looking at democracy and today we were making a timeline about how and when Scotland got their own parliament and what has happened since this happened in 1999. We also learned about Scottish devolved powers and reserved powers. We had to guess which ones were which before we were told!
This morning was the same old assembly. At assembly we were learning about resilience and stuff about what will be happening in school soon. Then we did the house points and star awards. Isla, Emma, Carly and Omar all got star awards.
In writing, we watched a video, and that video was what our Narrative Poems were going to be about. The video was about a boy who had one leg and enjoyed playing video game. And one day his mum gave him a dog with one missing leg (like him). He felt insulted a little by his mum. Then we turned the video into Narrative Poems. 😉
In maths we continued thinking about using strategies to mentally add to 100, 1000, 2000 and 5000. We all finished all our math sheets and our PB1 Math books. When we finished, we were allowed to start our rounding and adjusting posters. They were spectacular!
For art today we were adding a bit more detail to our Jennifer Orkin Lewis for ten minutes. Then when we finished that, we could finish/ start our Cubis pictures. By the end of the lesson, everybody had finished their
J.O.L pictures. The star artist this week was CARLY! 😊
She won this for working hard during art all the time. Well done to Carly. 😊
11:00 AM
At 11:00 AM, we had our house/ vice captain votes. GOOD LUCK!!! 😊 We will find out the results of the elections soon!
For maths, we were building on our mental maths skills using maths games, plickers and other mathematics games which were very educational and very fun.
We did PE with Miss McCrimmon. Well, she was supervising us, while the high school students were teaching us. We were focusing on FOOTBALL. With the FOOTBALL we were practising our teamwork and dribbling and controlling the ball.
This morning we started off with our Good morning Task. For the good morning task we were doing MATHS. 😊

For SPELLING today, we did our Sounds, then
My Turn Your Turn (MYTY), Give Five Get Five, and lastly, Peer Assessment.
Today Mrs Ramm wasn’t in, So the rugby coach took over by himself and we played tunnel tig to warm up. Then we played some matches which were very rough, we’d say! But we had loads of fun.
After Playtime, we did MATHS. For MATHS, we did an assessment to show Miss McCrimmon how we were doing in this Topic in MATHS.
For calm time we just did a few minutes of colouring, reading or anything we can do quietly because, well, obviously it’s called calm time. 😊
After calm time we did common word spelling with Mr Young.
In Reading Groups, we were reading our books in our groups and using our new Extension Task Booklets. The Publishers got to read with Miss McCrimmon and the Book Agents got to read with Miss Graham.
FRI- YAY!!!!!! 😊😉😉😉😉😊
We started FRI-YAY, with Loose Parts play. With our P1 Buddies. Then we finished our Democracy posters.


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P7 Newsletter Term 1

P7B BLOG 26/8/19 -30/8/19

We started our week with a trip to the Book festival. All the P7s went to see Cressida Cowell the writer and illustrator of the How to train you’re dragon and The wizards once series .She chatted about her inspiration from her childhood holidays to an uninhabited island ,why she writes ,her new book coming out next month ,and how her books got turned into films .In the afternoon we were doing rounding and adjusting but during maths Mr Young came in to teach spelling.

We started our day of with assembly, it was about keeping active and resilience, we watched a clip about slide with Sid which was funny. Mr Young came to teach spelling again. After spelling we read some narrative poems , jotted down the main features and tuned one of the poems into a story .In maths we continued rounding and adjusting .

The first thing we did on Wednesday was art with Mrs Martin. We continued our blue Jennifer Orcan Lewis paintings. Some of us started doing cubist portraits in the style of Picasso but here’s the twist, we were not allowed to take our pen off the paper! Later on we did spelling with Mr Young. Again, we were continuing rounding and adjusting in maths. The last lesson of the day was P.E we were doing ball control, it was taught with some students from Drummond High School.

We started the day with a description activity, we watched a clip from, ‘How to Train your Dragon’ and described Toothless using our 5 senses – feel, sound, smell ,and appearance. P.E was cancelled because Mrs Ramm was absent so instead Mrs Gowans and Mrs Rushforth talked to us about P7 jobs. Mrs Gowans ran the daily mile with us! In maths we did more rounding and adjusting. Mr young came in to teach dictation spelling. Then we stared reading, all of the groups got new books. The new books were ‘Timeriders’, ‘The Nowhere Emporium’, ‘Holes’ and ‘The everything machine’. We finished the day off with a fun plickers quiz about Miss McCrimmon .

The first thing we did on Friday was continue our dragon description activity when we got to make our own dragon descriptions. Before break, we went to do buddying with the P1’s and the loose parts which was fun but, of course, a little chaotic at times! Our P1 buddys went to get there photos done for the newspaper photos, so we helped to organise them for that. We did more dragon description after break. We got to draw our description. Some of us swapped descriptions to see if other people would be able to draw what we imagined – some looked more alike than others! Then we did note to teacher/free writing. The last thing we did was together time and because we won the class marbles we all got to decorate biscuits! And that was our week!
Thanks For Reading!
Written By Catriona and Tiana

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Meet The Teacher P7 Presentation 2019

Hello! Welcome back to a new year at Broughton Primary! I am very excited to be teaching this wonderful group of P7’s and doing all the fun things that we get to do in P7, as well as getting down to some hard work!
Every week, P7’s will take it in turns to write a blog post for the website to share what we have been up to. This week Mija and Tilda have written a wonderfully detailed post for our first week back. ENJOY!

~Our first full week back, in P7B
We got into school, some of us went to our jobs, (stair monitors, door monitors, etc). It was weird waking up so early and going to school again… the summer holidays were so long! In maths we were introduced to rounding and estimating. We started with ten but worked our way up! We also did a ‘figure me out’ task, where we had to use our different knowledge of maths to make some sums that other people have to solve to figure out who is who.

We started the day off with assembly, it was our first one of the year, we were with the P3’s and of course we sang some cheesy songs! Anyways, most of the star awards were class awards, such as “congrats for being in p7 now“ or “you are settling in amazingly”.

The day started off with art! We were doing something with blue colours!? Everyone thought we were doing the sky or the sea. BUT no! we were doing this piece of art that has lots of patterns and flower and…blue!
It Was a piece of art by Jennifer Orkin Lewis, but the art teacher (Mrs Martin) said ours look better! I thought that was true!

We started off the day with this new thing called “good morning task” it was maths! We were doing rounding and estimating, and we learned a couple new things! Then the teacher (Miss McCrimmon) gave us these weird laminated card with a weird black pattern on it and numbers, we were all confused and we later found out what we need them for! Miss McCrimmon put some questions on the board, so we all sat on the carpet and she asked us a question and we had to put the card up to answer. Miss McCrimmon scanned the QR code on our cards and you could then see how many people choose which answer!

We started off the day again with good morning task! Then we went outside to play with our buddies and played with lose parts – Elliot and Aiden saved a bee! They gave it energy because it was slowing dying ☹
It survived because they put sugar and water on a spoon and fed it! And then it started flying! 😊
Then after break we were talking about are new topic politics/democracy. We then finished off some of our tasks from the week. Some people started ‘The Daily Rigour’. A little newspaper where real news stories are turned in to tricky maths problems, then we finished the day off with some together time! And that was our week!
Thanks for reading! 😊
Written by Mija Cibuka, planed by Tilda Bee Rawson

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