Pupil Council-Successful Learners

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Our Pupil Council have been gathering evidence of successful learning happening here at Broughton.

Each member of the Pupil Council took photographs of successful learners at work, examples of successful learning, or examples of things that helped them to be more successful in their learning.

They gathered a range of evidence, including learning walls, class displays, examples of home learning,pupils working together, and much more, all from a variety of different contexts.

This week they shared their evidence with each other, and invited Mrs O’Rourke along too. They explained what their evidence was, and why they had included it as an example of successful learning. They were very clear and confident in their presentations!

Mrs O’Rourke collated all their evidence in a graffiti wall, which can be found at the link below-

Pupil Council Graffiti Wall

Well done, and thanks to our Pupil Council for their efforts!

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