Pupil Council

Pupil Council

This week our Pupil Council manned a stall at our very successful P1 Transition afternoon for new P1 parents/carers.

They were welcoming, polite and confident in talking to the parents, and were able to share some of the work they have done this year, as well as answering any questions the parents had.

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We’d like to thank our Pupil Council for all they have done for our school this year, recognise their achievements, and share their successful planning and decison making, that has had such a positive impact on the school this session.

Our Pupil Council members are:

P4a- Louis Roberts

P4b- Eilidh Noronha

P5a- Kiana Ghomeshi

P5b- Jay Dunsmore

P6- Rose Overton

P6/7- Robin Brough

P7- Oliver Rumgay


Each P4-7 class held an election, with interested candidates presenting to their class why they thought they would be suitable for Pupil Council, and winners being decided by votes.

They have worked so hard this year to make decisions and plan for improvements, all to benefit our school.

Here is a summary of what has been achieved this year, with links to some documents created with the Pupil Council’s influence.

  • Created clear aims for the Pupil Council      Pupil Council Aims
  • Designed new Star Awards for staff, which are used to recognise achievements at Assembly every week
  • Created mindmaps of what they liked about Broughton, and what they would like to improve
  • Created an Action Plan based on their improvements ideas  Pupil Council Action Plan
  • Organised our school’s Dress Down Day to support Children in Need
  • Presented to parents at the P1 Open Day in November
  • Counted and donated the collection money from our Christmas Concerts to Cancer Research
  • Collected evidence of succesful learning in their classes, and shared their findings with each other and Mrs O’Rourke    Pupil Council Graffiti Wall
  • Designed the signing to name our bowling green space ‘Botanical Broughton’

Botanical Broughton sign


  • Created a list of features that make our school unique

What makes Broughton unique

  • Considered roles and responsibilities that our house captains and vice-captains should undertake.

Thanks again Pupil Council, you have certainly raised the bar for your successors next year!

Well Done