Pupil Voice at Broughton

Pupil Voice

There are many different ways pupil voice is used in our classrooms on a daily basis here at Broughton. For example, asking the pupils to form their own key questions during interdisciplinary topic work, or suggesting activities for home learning tasks, to name two.

There are also opportunities for influence in the wider picture of the school, through our Pupil Council and our school House Captains and Vice Captains. The members of these groups were selected through an election process, by their fellow pupils.

These two groups have a range of roles and responsibilities in school, and will meet regularly to discuss their ideas to support the school, its pupils, staff and parents.

Pupil Council

Here are the members of this year’s Pupil Council. Look out for their distinctive red wristband!

P2a  Dana Khered
P2b  Amelie Fialova
P3a  Cole Weatherly
P3b  Finlay Bartholomew
P4a  Martyna Kabala
P4b  Agastya Tembay
LC2  Samuel Knox
P5a  Afnan Chowdhury
P5b  Aava Braithwaite
P6a  Paloma Luis Navarro
P6b  Muhammad Barry
P7a  Roisin Bagnall-McCrink
P7b  Jedrzej Przychodzki

Already the Pupil Council have been working on an exciting project with Miss Gordon, our EAL teacher, and have decided upon arrangements for this year’s Children in Need event. More details on those to follow soon! Each member has their own Pupil Council jottter, to record any of theirs, or their peers suggestions to discuss at meetings. We’re sure they will have lots of ideas for school improvements this year!

House captain badges

The House Captains are selected from our P7 classes, while Vice-Captains are from P6. They can be identified by their shiny badges!

Here are the representatives for each house-

McDonald House Captains

Armaan Latif and Daisy Drummond

Vice- Captains

Aiden McLear and Ruby Foster

Pilrig House Captains

Aban Baig and Ines Ibrahim


Dylan Urquhart and Nadia Fydrych

Trinity House Captains

Innes Penman and Mhairi Noronha


Liam Ronald and Hendeke Elias

Drummond House Captains

Jalil Neequaye and Zuzanna Mamos


Omar Karaallal and Tilda Rawson

Already the House Captains have been given a role in supporting others in school with lining up, as well as collecting, counting and announcing weekly house points. Both sets of captains support their peers in assembly, and will be launching a school wide competition to revamp our House Shields soon! They are all motivated to represent their houses as well as they can, and encourage their fellow house members to earn as many house points as they can to try and win the coveted House Trophy at the end of the session!

Will Drummond retain their trophy this year? Time will tell…

Details of other pupil groups will be shared on the website as they are formed. Keep an eye out for that!