Better Relationships for Learning and Behaviour


Please see below information for our new Better Relationships for Better Learning and Behaviour Guidelines. These will replace our Positive Behaviour Policy, which has recently been reviewed with staff and children.

The new Guidelines will be implemented from Monday 12th November. In order to ensure a consistent and shared whole school approach the following 3 key values will be adopted by our whole school community.

  1. Everyone should expect to be safe in school. People should behave safely towards you and you must behave safely towards other people.
  2. Everyone should behave with respect in school. People should talk to you with respect and you must show respect to other people.
  3. Everyone has the right to learn in school. Other people’s behaviour should not stop your learning and teaching and your behaviour should not stop learning and teaching for others.

Our new Guidelines will also consist of our Anti-bullying, Equality and Diversity Guidelines. We look forward to your support and that you continue to encourage your child to be a positive member of the school community.

We plan to send out a Parent/Carer questionnaire later in the session where you will be able to provide us with feedback on the new Guidelines.

Better Relationships letter

Better Relationships Guidelines 2018

Anti-Bullying, Equality and Diversity Guidelines 2018

Behaviour Flowchart Broughton

Playground Behaviour Flowchart Broughton


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