Pupil Council- Craze of the Week!


This week our Pupil Council introduced a new feature in our playground- Craze of the Week!

Each week there will be a different craze in our playground, located wherever the ‘Craze of the Week’ sign is. The Pupil Council are on a rota to set up the resources required, supervise this area, and tidy up after for whatever ‘craze’ is on that week. The Pupil Council came up with a list of many possible crazes, but we decided to make a rota of 5 to begin with, to reduce the time people have to wait for their favourites.

The 5 crazes they chose were-

  • Fidget Toys
  • Hopscotch
  • Hula Hoop games
  • Chalk Pictures
  • Quiet Reading

Each day the Pupil Council will also have a jotter with them, recording how many children are attending, and any feedback from the children. This will allow them to consider if any crazes need to be changed, or if there are any particular resource ideas for the future.

This week our launch craze was Fidget Toys. It proved very popular, and the children recorded some very positive feedback. Already the Pupil Council have some suggestions to think about, and some ideas for new toys to add.

The resources for each of these crazes have been very kindly funded by our PSA. Thanks so much for your generous support!

thank you

Here are a few photos of our first week. Let’s hope next week’s ‘Hopscotch’ craze is as enjoyable!