PSA News


Hello everyone,


Thank you to everyone who came along to our Spring Disco, from what I could hear the children (and parents) loved the choices of tunes picked by the DJ as well as the games to break up the dancing.


Events coming up that you need to be aware of:



Powderhall consultation on Thursday 14th March 5-7pm in our gym hall.


This delayed consultation is to focus on the Bowling Greens space.


The demolition of the Powderhall site is ongoing after a minor delay due to asbestos discovery in the refuse building.


The site should be clear by the end of June.



Funds raised at the Health Café will be used to provide activities for our annual Health Week next term.



Friday 22nd March 9am, our next PSA planning meeting, to start focusing on our Health Cafe and our Summer Fair.


The senior leadership team and pupil representatives will be present at this meeting.


To successfully set up and run these events we require a minimum of 6 adult volunteers for the Health Cafe and 30 adult volunteers for the Summer Fair.


I have been asked to remind everyone: if we don’t have enough parental volunteers for the Summer Fair by the end of April then there will be a vote held at the Parent Council meeting on whether the summer fair should go ahead this year.


If you cannot make the planning meeting on the 22nd March but would like to assist with the Summer Fair or Health Cafe please let us know by contacting so that we can put your name on our list of volunteers.



Thanks to our Leith Chooses win we can now get our Growing Community project up and running. First meeting with interested parties from Leith Walk Primary, Saheliya and Drummond High is scheduled for Tuesday 26th March 6.30-8pm, venue to be confirmed,




I’d also like to remind everyone that there is a position available in the PSA for a Chair or co-vice-chair, this role is perfect for anyone who enjoys planning events. This position will be raised in the next Parent Council meeting on Wednesday 24th April.




Jennifer Longstaff


Parent Council Chair