The Big Pedal- Thank You!

Big Pedal

Dear Parents/Carers,   


The P5 JRSO community would like to say a huge thank you to everyone that has made that extra effort to walk, cycle or scoot to school over the past two weeks! We have done superbly and we should be very proud of what we have achieved as a school community. Currently, 86.02% of our school community make their way to school either by walking, cycling or scooting. Broughton Primary look set to secure 34th place out of 791 schools across the UK in the Large Primary schools 5 day challenge. The 5 day challenge takes into account our top 5 performing days out of 10 and ranks us accordingly. We placed even better in Scotland, with an impressive 7th place. These figures aren’t final but they are very close to what the final standings will be.


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Also, a reminder that pupils can come to school tomorrow dressed as their very own Superhero! Sustrans’ Superhero Day marks the climax of The Big Pedal 2019, pupils across the UK have been invited to take part. Dressing up is completely optional and not compulsory. This gives every child the chance to be involved in the Big Pedal even if they don’t cycle, walk or scoot to school.


Many thanks,

Mr Horan & the JRSO Team

thank you