Health Week!

Healthy EatingNext week is Health Week! We have a range of interesting and exciting activities planned over the course of the week, including sports days, healthy eating workshops, a whole school picnic and  more. The Edinburgh Marathon festival this weekend will be a fitting start to the week long focus on health and wellbeing. We have around 113 children taking part!

Attached below is our Health Week passport. Each child will receive one of these. Over the following 2 weekends and Health week itself, can you see how many of the activities on the Health Passport you can complete? Complete the activity and then get your Parent/Carers to initial in the box next to the activity to say you have done it.
If you complete 5 or more of the activities, bring your passport back to school, hand it to your teacher and they will put it into the Health Week Prize draw which will be drawn at Assembly.
You could win an amazing prize of a space hopper (Nursery—P2) or a pogo stick (P3—P7)!

Good luck, and we hope you have lots of fun completing your passport!

Broughton Health Week Activity Passport 2019