P7 @ Lagganlia- Day One!


We’re here! P7 have arrived safely at Lagganlia Outdoor Centre.

We made good time on our journey up, and arrived at lunchtime.

We’ve met our instructors for the week, and they’ve given us a tour of the centre, and explained the main things we need to know! There are no other schools here, so we have the whole centre to ourselves! 🙂

We’ve also had the chance to complete the first page of our Lagganlia journal. This evening, after a delicious dinner, we took part in a scatter course, where we explored the centre in teams to find the answers to different clues.

Lagganlia staff are already impressed with our enthusiasm and focused attitude- we’re looking forward to a great week!

Now let’s see if we’ve made our beds we’ll enough to last through our first night!

Goodnight everyone, here are some photos of our first day!