Pupil Council

Pupil CouncilAllow us to introduce you to this year’s Broughton Primary Pupil Council.

Here are all the members of the group this year-

P2a- Alexia

P2b- Evie

P3a- James

P3b- Luke

P4a- Darcey

P4b- Ishaq

LC1- Alfie

P5a- Hazel

P5b- Gregoire

P6a- Rory

P6b- Maja

P7a- Vlad

P7b- Liam

LC2- Samuel

We have had our first couple of meetings and had the chance to meet each other. We have discussed what we see our role to be in school, and that is- to be involved in making decisions on behalf of the Pupil Voice! Today, we carried out our first important job- tidy and organise the playground cupboard! The playground is going to be an area of interest for Pupil Council this year, so it’s important we know what resources we have already, before we think about what we would like to add and how we are going to organise playground activities.

The Pupil Council worked hard to remove all the items, organise them into ‘keep’, ‘bin’ or ‘keep for loose parts’, and then organise them further into containers. There’s more room in the cupboard now! Well done team!





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