Parent Council/FAB Minutes

PSAAttached below are the minutes of the last Parent Council and Friends at Broughton meeting, held on Wednesday 30th October.

BPS PSA Minutes 30 Oct 19

There were a few agenda items we ran out of time to discuss- they are included below-

Powderhall update
At the beginning of October there were two public consultations providing an update on the Powderhall progress.
It appears that planning permission will not be sought in three stages, the first stage at the end of January for the development on the bowling greens for the two room nursery and sheltered housing.
The public have until the end of January to provide feedback on the two layout options for the development via the Consultation Hub
For the rear bowling green the council are taking notes of interest from community groups to lease the land for use and maintenance. Jennifer was told that there will definitely be a tree audit done before any work commences in Summer 2020 and there’s no reason any of the trees will be removed from the site.

Action: should the PC and school look to lottery funding to secure the lease of the land?

Christmas Cafe, Friday 13th December 2019
Details about the stalls will be shared later this week. The Sparkle Jars and raffle will definitely be returning. Pupil council will be deciding their stall in their next meeting which Rachel will be attending.
Action: Rachel is in need of volunteers to help run the cafe on Friday 13th.
Set up will be from 9am-11am
Shift 1 11am-12:30pm
Shift 2 12:15pm-2pm

Halloween Disco
Our Halloween discos took place on Friday 1st November and all three were a great success raising a solid £1,000 after expenses – a huge well done to our first time FAB coordinators Lizzie and Rebecca and their army of volunteers on a smooth running event.

Family Night, March 2020
We still have a blank fundraising night booked on Friday 6th March 2020.
We have had suggestions of movie nights or silent discos. There is an option to create a drop in International Evening with food, game and performances from our school community.

Action: someone is needed to take coordinate and run the evening.

Amazon Smile account
Jennifer upgraded a few key Parent Council/Friends At Broughton items via Amazon recently and wondered if it would be worth upgrading the account she created to a Business one so that the Primary School Trust could then open a Smile account. The Smile account allows a published Wish List to be shared to anyone, as well as opens the Trust to donations from shoppers similar to The Giving Machine. We could have a FAB wish list and a Pupil Council wish list for events and playground items that are frequently worn out.

Food for Life Get Together
This was mentioned quickly towards the end of the meeting. David M and Sandra B have suggested post meeting that an event for during the February half term holidays would be a viable way to get people from our community together for cooking and eating.

Below is a draft copy of a form FAB are interested in using to record requests to them for financial contributions. FAB have asked for any feedback on this, so let them know at if you have any comments to share.

Allocation of BPST Funds- Draft Form