PSA Family Fun Night

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Our PSA held a Family Fun Night on Friday. Here is an update of the event from Rachel Blythe, the vice-chair of the PSA-

Thank you very much to everyone who attended the Family Fun Night “Beetle Drive, Books and Baguettes” on Friday 06 March. Thank you very much to everyone who helped and / or kept things going at the event (including: Haris [father of Fajr, p1b], the Desborough family: Lori, Michael and Abbey [p7a] and also to Kayla [p4], Brooke White [p7a], Bence Solymar and Imre [p5b], Rebecca Winterstein, and Anna Robiczkova). Thank you very much to Mrs Gowans, Mr Borthwick and Miss Bradley, who kept things going and gave great on the spot advice. Thanks to Ailsa McMullan, Jenni Longstaff and Haris [father of Fajr, p1b] for helping to plan the event. 4 Beetle Drive prizes were won at the event and also a book prize for the evening story read to younger children. I hope that all who attended enjoyed the event.

Thanks Rachel, for overseeing the organisation of this lovely event. Here are some photos of the evening.

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