Tuesday 5th May

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Hello everyone, happy Tuesday to you all!

We hope you are all keeping well after the long weekend. Did you manage to enjoy the sunshine, and avoid the rain?

This week’s home learning is available for you all. As we mentioned last week, we are trying to develop how we deliver our home learning tasks, and you will notice that our brilliant teachers have been working hard on this. You will notice that there are more audio and visual  instructions in the powerpoints and videos being posted. We hope you enjoy hearing their voices again!

This week our teachers will also be posting specific Assessment tasks as part of their home learning. They will be clearly named ‘Assessment’ and will be at different levels to suit our different learners, so make sure you pick which one you attempt carefully. We’d be grateful if as many of you could send that task back to the class teacher. You can send a photograph of the work in an email, or use Teams, either is fine. Sending it back will help the teachers to see how the children managed the task, and help us with our future home learning and assessment recording.

We also welcome P4 to Teams today! We hope you can access your learning ok, and can complete as many of your tasks as possible. Don’t worry if it’s fiddly to begin with, it gets easier to use the more you use it. We posted instructions and videos on April 21st, so look back for them if you need some help, or contact us. In addition to those clips here is a further video Miss Stewart made for P6, that you may find useful for accessing Teams with a laptop.


We have been unable to use Teams for P1-3 so far, as we were unable to create accounts for them. However, we now have the opportunity to do this. Once we are able to access a school building, we can set up accounts and passwords for P1-P3, so we’ll let you know these as soon as we have them.

Rachel Blythe is one of our parents, and the Vice-Chair of our PSA. Here is some information she would like to share with you all.

I’ve been developing a document for the Growing and Cooking project encouraging families to plant at home in May 2020, if they are able to do so. This is a small bit of a replacement for the planting day, which we had planned for Friday 15 May. The document below has information on this, describes how to make flower pots and seed pots from recycled materials and how to use the Seek app, to identify plants and animals. We’d love to see some photos of the plants as they grow, so send us pictures so we can share them here!

Plant in May – Broughton’s Growing and Cooking Project

Our Twitter Quiz is continuing this week, with more childhood pics of staff for you to identify!

That’s all for today’s update- remember this week’s VE day holiday on Friday means we’re only posting Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday this week!

Stay safe everyone!

Mrs Venn, Mr Borthwick, Miss Bradley and Mrs Gowans

Stay-Safe-Rainbow - Andrea Monk Piano Teacher