Virtual Trip to Edinburgh Zoo

Edinburgh Zoo - Wikipedia

Good morning everyone!

Is everybody here? Have you got your jacket? Packed lunch? Have we got our First Aid kit and all our forms? Are the parent helpers here? Then we’re ready. Let’s go!

(Actually, we don’t need any of those things for our virtual trip today, but it’s nice to pretend we are all together today!)

There were a couple of pre-visit activities, which will still be on class pages if you didn’t get a chance to do them. It’s not too late, you can just ‘visit’ the zoo a bit later.

Some classes have posted the information for today’s trip on their class pages, or on Teams, but it’s just below if you need it.

Broughton Primary Virtual Trip to Edinburgh Zoo- Tues 23rd June


Right, ready to get on the bus? Mind the step, and have a lovely day! Have a Great Day! Rubber Stamp: Office Products