Friday 29th January


Hello everyone, and a happy Friday to you all!

We just wanted to say well done to everyone for another week of brilliant home learning! We’re so proud and impressed with all the work being completed and sent back to us- please keep it up, we love to see how you are doing.

We also love when you share other examples of your school and home learning with us on Teams. Don’t forget to let us know if you’d like any successful learning included in our Big Book of Achievement!

Our assembly for this week has now been shared on this website and through Teams. We hope you enjoy it, and remember to share your answer to the Question of the Day with us. Here is the YouTube link if you want to watch-

As mentioned last week, we have added an area to our website for ‘Expressive Arts’, where you can find some home learning activities for Art, P.E. and Music. Give it a look if you are feeling creative! You can find it by clicking on this link

We are also steadily uploading some activities to the ‘Stuck at Home’ section of our website. This is where you can find help if you need support with Teams, and a range of extra home learning ideas. It’s still being updated, but there is some content there if you are looking for a few extra ideas! Click on this link to visit-

There’s just one more week of home learning until our mid-term break. You can look forward to lots more home learning challenges next week!

Have a lovely weekend, and stay safe everybody!

Have a nice weekend poster. Vector illustration.