P1-3 Parent Consultations

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P1-3 parents will have received a letter from Ms Gowans this week, inviting you to make appointments for the upcoming P1-P3 parents’ evening.. This letter offered a choice of a video call online, or a phone call for the consultation. A copy of the letter is below-

Our online parents’ evenings are on Wednesday 17th March from 5pm-8pm, and Friday 19th March from 1pm-4pm. These meetings are for those parents who requested a video call consultation. Arrangements for parents who requested a phone call consultation will be sent home in school bags later next week.

Bookings can only be made from 7pm on Monday 8th March until 12pm on Tuesday 16th March.

Please follow this link to access the Parent Booking website- http://www.parents-booking.co.uk/

The following document has instructions to help you make a booking-

Here is a link to the information letter-

Here is a link to information relating to video calls. There is a link to a support video within this document-.Video Call Information for Parents

Here are links to video clips that may help you to make appointments-

Video 1- How do I log in?

Video 2- How do I make an appointment?

Video 3- How do I cancel or re-arrange an appointment?

Video 4- How do I make appointments for another of my children?

Video 5- How do I email or print my appointments?

If you have any problems booking appointments, please contact the school. We look forward to catching up with you!