Show Racism the Red Card- Wear Red Day

Show Racism the Red Card is the UK’s largest anti-racism charity, established in 1996. A footballer called Shaka Hislop helped set up the charity after he suffered racist abuse and wanted to educate people to help challenge racist behaviour.

They have organised a ‘Wear Red Day’ to promote their message and try to raise funds. So next Friday 15th October, you can show your support for Wear Red Day by coming to school wearing something red. It could be socks, a t-shirt, a hair band, or a complete red outfit!

Please take part to show your support for the message that racism is never ok and help us to show racism the red card.

Follow this link to view a clip about ‘Wear Red Day’ and how you can donate to the charity, if you’d like to support in that way.

Below is a copy of the letter our Pupil Equalities Group sent out today. Please note that although the promotional materials say October 22nd, we will be on October break then, so we will be participating a week earlier, on Friday 15th October.

Wear Red Day letter

Have a good weekend everyone!