This Week’s Awards and Celebrations

Celebrating Success | Gourock Primary School

We’d like to share our weekly awards and celebrations here on our school website. This includes Star Award winners, any new entries in our Big Book of Achievement, and the House Point totals for the week.

These are our Star Award recipients. These were all awarded to pupils for being effective contributors to their class, or the school this week!

P1a- Mohamed Serbis

P1b- Maya Kaur

P2a- Sebastian Porte

P2b- Francesca Devlin

P3a- Maya Osae-Brown and Gael Gardiner

P3b- Grachan McGlinchey

P4a- Ruby Rattigan

P4a- Ria Collins and Poppy Hatton

P5a- Obrie Keswa

P5b- Spike Weller and Amy Hernandez Suarez

P6a- Filip Guagliardo

P6b- KK Osae-Brown, Jake Hood and Mack Brown

P7a- Connor Boag, Erin Walton and Antoni Soltan

P7b- Stavros Negrepontis and Szymon Soltan

ESB 2- Numra Rizwan

Big Book of Achievement

Armaan Uddin in P7 has shared his achievement this week. Armaan is very proud of the fact that members of his family have been involved in committees and have achieved positions of influence within the government of Bangladesh. Armaan shared a lovely commemorative book that marked a visit to Scotland by the Prime Minister of Bangladesh, Sheikh Hasina Wazed. There were photos of Armaan’s family in the book! Definitely something to be proud of, Armaan!

House Points

Here are the House Point totals for this week-

Trinity-1015 points

McDonald-914 points

Drummond-870 points

Pilrig- 777 points

Well done to Trinity! Such high totals means lots of our pupils are making excellent choices to earn house points!

Well done everyone, we hope you all have a lovely weekend!