This Week’s Awards and Celebrations

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Here are this week’s awards and achievements!

Star Awards

These were all awarded to pupils for being successful learners in class this week.

P1a- Max Wallace

P1b- Robin Cohen

P2a- Brandon Singh

P2b- Pablo Delgado

P3a- Adam Awadh and Tejdheep Billa

P3b- Samar Kaur

P4a- Adam Awadah

P4b- Nathan Drever, Poppy Hatton and Emilie Guagliardo

P5a- Meriem Bousbaci

P5b- Adele Baginska, Fraser Cummings and Eilidh Sloan

P6a- Charlie Singh

P6b- Caitlin Woodward and the whole class

P7a- Jamie Chisholm

P7b- Oliver Sutherland

Big Book of Achievement

Ria Collins (P4b) earned a certificate for making her Brownie promise, and has earned 3 badges already!

Poppy Hatton (P4b) also made her Brownie promise.

Emre Gear, Ruby Tennant and Carly Law (P3a) worked together to write and illustrate their own story book called ‘The Rainbow Dragon.’

House Points

Here are the House Points for this week-

McDonald– 798 pts

Drummond– 796 pts

Trinity– 647 pts

Pilrig– 543 pts

Well done to McDonald!

Congratulations to everyone on their achievements this week!

Have a lovely weekend everyone.

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