This Week’s Achievements and Holiday Wishes

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Big Book of Achievement

Sam Gibson (P4b) has created his own computer game using his coding skills! Well done Sam!

Jagna Przychodzka (P6a) learned how to perform a gymnastics move on the bars called a ‘Giant.’ She’s been practising this tricky move for 8 months and finally nailed it!

Ria Collins (P4b) entered a Christmas craft competition and won herself a gift voucher!

Spike Weller (P5b) went to a special skate park in Glasgow, and learned how to do a front flip on a trampoline!

Hannah Gibson (P2b) danced on stage in her first ever dance show!

Aaron McLaughlin (P2b) attends classes for a Korean martial art called Kuk Sool Wan. He recently passed his grading for his next belt, which is white with a blue stripe!

House Points

Here are the House Points for this week,

Trinity- 790 points

Pilrig- 748 points

Drummond- 685 points

McDonald- 632 points

Well done to Trinity!

It’s also time to reveal our mid-year totals so far, so here goes…

Drummond- 9394 points

McDonald- 8843 points

Trinity- 8450 points

Pilrig- 8322 points

Well done Drummond, that’s a great total for the year so far! Let’s see if the others can catch up by the time we get to June!

Congratulations to everyone on their achievements this week!

We’d like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a safe, and peaceful New Year! We hope you all have a restful holiday, and enjoy the break.

We’ll see you all again on Thursday 6th January 2022!