This Week’s Awards and Achievements

Star Awards

P1b- Julia Kielak

P3a- Dalton Slater and Liyaa Alikhan

P3b- Alicia Nicol and Wiktor Wodnicki

P4a- Domo Johnnie

P4b- The whole class!

P5a- James Michie

P5b- Danny Urquhart

P6a- Maja Skarzynska

P6b- Adam Ferguson

P7a- Alice Avison

P7b- Arham Baig

ESB2- Krystian Sawa

Big Book of Achievement

Theo Kennedy-Hughes (P5a) has mastered the art of stop motion animation! He has created fun clips and animations at home. Well done Theo!

Congratulations to everyone on their achievements this week! Have a lovely weekend!